Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  Jace wasn’t really a fan of the bunny ears….100_5505
100_5489 100_5494 100_5498 100_5503  100_5510 100_5532

Those teeth are sooooo close.  You can’t see them yet, but if you let Jace chew on your finger, you can feel the actual tooth.  I think it’s hurting quite a bit now.  Jace liked chewing on pieces of cold apple.  And then we distracted him from the pain by taking him swimming.  It was a great Easter!
100_5541 100_5547


4 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Soooo adorable. Cant blame Jace for the expression on his face when he had to wear bunny ears!!!! Such a cutie. Looks like a fun Easter. xoxo

  2. You could seriously do a scrapbook of fun things to do with infants- (when are they officially termed toddlers??) for Holidays!!
    And I bet someday you could write the book- how to survive sleeplessness..
    Then the sequel- how to get your little one to sleep!
    I wonder which book would be bought more…

    Seriously cute pic with the bunny ears!

    I love the frequent posts!!

  3. We finally have internet! We are in the laundromat in Monticello (pronounced with an “s” sound) UT, and I’m so happy to be able to see the posts! Looks like Jace was having fun for Easter! He’s the BEST Easter Bunny ever! I loved seeing Jace in little shoes, now let’s get him some hiking boots! xoxo Be

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