Adjusting to Life in Pennsylvania

Jace has become quite the connoisseur of puffed rice cereals.  He wasn’t sure about the vanilla flavor, but he loooooves peach.
100_5451 100_5454

Ya know the key readers they have on hotel room doors?  Well, occasionally they malfunction.  And when that happens, you are locked out of your room.  It took two guys with three power drills and a crowbar over 90 minutes before we were in our room again!  Cuervo was not to happy about all the racket at the door – poor dog – but the kitties seemed to take it just fine….
100_5460 100_5466

We’ve been having fun in the hotel room.  And I think we’re going to check out the swimming pool this weekend!
photo 1 photo 2

Sleep continues to be a disaster. Those two bottom teeth are soooo close (how long have I been saying that?!), so I’m going to blame the spazzy sleep on the teeth.  Since he refuses to nap in bed or in the pack’n’play, Jace has been taking his naps where ever and whenever he pleases – typically in the car or in shopping carts.  If I had the energy to push a shopping cart all night, Jace might actually sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time!
photo 3

Jace and I are making friends in the area.  On Wednesday we went to Tumble-Rama to meet another mom with a kid about the same age as Jace.  I was so busy chasing Jace around the gymnasium that I forgot to take any pictures….  Tumble-Rama is a weekly event though, so I’m sure I’ll get pictures next week.  Today, Jace and I went to color Easter eggs.  It was great!  We put drops of food coloring in a ziploc bag and added a hardboiled egg.  The kids could just mash the egg around and it ended up covered with all the different colors – and their hands didn’t get messy!  Very cool!  And tonight we’re headed to an Easter egg hunt at the local community center.  Yay for celebrating holidays! 100_5462 100_5463



2 thoughts on “Adjusting to Life in Pennsylvania

  1. Such a cool idea about coloring eggs inside a plastic bag! Wish I thought of that! So sorry to hear he’s still not sleeping. I think I’ve already told you how we got through that phase with Dave, right? And all babies are different,,, Anyway, I’m sorry about that, but otherwise, he looks great!

  2. Steal a cart! After shopping at kohls, wheel the cart to your car, empty the contents, then put the cart into your car too!!! Then when Jace can’t sleep again, put him in the “borrowed” cart, and go from there. And if anyone asks, either you found it on eBay, or Tiffany made you do it! 😉

    Hope house hunting goes well! Looks like PA has lots of fun stuff to do!!

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