IronPigs and Temporary Housing

Today was our first full day in the Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton area.  We checked out the hotel, finished the rest of the organizing/unpacking, and then went to a baseball game!  The IronPigs are the AAA team for the Phillies.  Today was fleece blanket give-away day AND it was take your dog to the ballpark day!  We had been warned that you needed to get to the park early to get a blanket.  They were right!  We showed up around 12:10 for a 1:35pm game and we were among the last to get blankets.  Crazy, huh?  There were SO many people in line in front of us when we got to the park.  BUT, we got the blankets and headed in to claim our spot on the lawn.  It’s a really nice park and I think we’ll have a great time attending games there.  However, sitting on the grassy area is tricky when there are two members of your group who can’t really sit on a steep slope like that.  Poor Jace and Cuervo!  They had such a tough time maintaining their balance.  But we had a good time!
104_5444 104_5431 104_5440 104_5438

After the game (we actually left early – it was really hot and really hard to sit on that slope!) we spent some time back at the hotel and then went out for dinner.  Jace was SUPER active at dinner.  He was talking and playing with everything.  He figured out how to pour salt out of the shaker, he chewed on all the silverware, he was determined to get his hands on the appetizer plates, and he played peek-a-boo with the napkins.  We came home and figured he’d have worn himself out.  Nope!  He crawled after all the animals, explored the room, climbed on Adam and me, and did a lot of shouting/cheering.

Our Temporary Home – video
Here’s a video of our hotel room….

We finally decided it was bath time and now Jace is sleeping soundly.  Hopefully tonight will be a decent night of sleep for everyone.  Tomorrow is a big day….  Jace and I are going to buy groceries, wait for Adam’s car to get delivered, and think about house-hunting.  And Adam?  Adam’s going to start his NEW JOB as a MINING ENGINEER at the plant in Stockertown.  YAY!


2 thoughts on “IronPigs and Temporary Housing

  1. Yay, Adam!! Woot! Woot! Mining Engineer sounds pretty darned impressive. And grown up. Scary. Your temporary home looks very spacious! Except for the kitchen which looks teeny. You will obviously have to cook very tiny meals on the stove and bake cupcakes only, in the teeny little oven. I think it’s amazing that you moved closer to New Hampshire! Five hours is a long drive, but definitely doable. xo

  2. Wow! The apartment looks great! Clean, spacious, and seems to have everything you’ll need! What an exciting time!

    Thanks for the pics! Can’t wait for more! Glad things are going so well! Miss you horribly! 😦

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