A Family Road Trip Adventure

What a busy past few days!  Wednesday the movers boxed everything in our house.  Thursday they loaded everything into the truck.  Friday we cleaned, loaded our uhaul, and drove and drove and drove.  Today we did some more driving and made it to Pennsylvania!

Cuervo spent Wednesday/Thursday/Friday at day camp.  He loves it there and the movers would have freaked him out.  Cody was pretty skittish and hid for the majority of those days.  And Claire?  Claire took full advantage of the new “furniture” arrangement.104_5337

We put Jace in his swing again before the movers packed it.  HE IS SO BIG NOW!104_5340104_2028

Jace had a great time playing in the house once all the boxes were moved to the sides.  He crawled all over the place!  He thought the air mattress was a ton of fun – a new sensation for sure.  And the kitty kennel ended up being the perfect height/weight for a makeshift walker – he could put his hands on the kennel and “walk” all around the room.
104_5344  photo 2104_5349 104_5354104_5346

We had cupcakes for Adam’s birthday – Ninja Turtle, of course!104_5350104_5353

And then, after almost 5 years in Tennessee, we drove away from Amber Meadows Circle.104_5395

We picked Cuervo up from day camp.  The employees had made him a special bandana, posted pictures and videos of his last day on Facebook, and made him an awesome “care package” of exciting doggie treats.  They loved Cuervo as much as Cuervo loved them!104_5399 104_5401

We hit the road around 7:20pm.  Adam and Cuervo had the front seat.  Jace and I shared the back seat.  The kitties mixed it up.  We drove across the northeastern part of Tennessee, alllllll the way up through Virginia, and made it into West Virginia before stopping for the night.  Everyone did very well.  Cuervo and Claire were excellent.  Jace and Cody were pretty good, although they did set each other off fairly often.  They’d both be sleeping and Jace would wake up whimpering, which would cause Cody to wake up and meow super loudly.  They’d both fall back asleep and then do the same thing in reverse.  This happened about once an hour.  For eight hours.  But it only lasted about 30 seconds at a time!  Overall, things went really, really well!  We checked into our hotel room around 3:30am.  Adam opened some more birthday presents (I think the clock says 3:41am) and then we went to SLEEP!
 104_5408 104_5411 104_5413

We played in the hotel room for a while this morning, then got on the road again around noon.  We drove out of West Virginia, across the skinny part of Maryland, and into Pennsylvania.  We only had about three hours of driving to do today.  Yay!104_5414 104_5415

The driving went well.  Jace napped for a lot of it and Cody was much more relaxed.  Cuervo was kinda punky – he wouldn’t settle down and kept begging for any food Adam or I tried to eat.  Claire was perfect!

We checked into our hotel room and had to make FOUR trips up to the room with a luggage cart full of boxes.  It’s amazing how much stuff we have in this hotel room….!  But we got all unpacked and everyone is unwinding.  We returned the uhaul and checked out the IronPigs field (local AAA baseball team!).  And now it’s bedtime!   104_5427 104_5428




One thought on “A Family Road Trip Adventure

  1. Welcome to traveling with pets! It is a whole different type of trip with our furry four footed friends along. It sounds and looks like you guys made it through just fine! I loved that footage! So cute. And, you are so right…Jace IS the cutest bellhop ever. That is a sweet picture of him. He has such a sweet, kind face. Can’t wait to see where you are staying for your 30 days. Good luck to Adam, when does he start work? How exciting!!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

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