Jace is a happy guy!

Sometimes it seems that there aren’t enough photos of Sally in these posts, so here’s one where Jace is having a great time crawling all over her on the couch in the hotel room.Image

As expected, Jace is crawling all over the house since he learned to crawl last week.  Today, he made it to the Xbox.  He even figured out how to turn it on.  The TV wasn’t on, but he was having a great time anyway. Image



2 thoughts on “Jace is a happy guy!

  1. Thanks for getting a shot or two with SR and Jace! We love seeing all 3 of you special stars! It’s too bad he never smiles….HA HA! He looks so happy, and SR, you certainly look in love!
    Who wouldn’t be? Mom

  2. Yay Adam!!! Thanks for showing us what Jace and SallyRose do together. I wasn’t sure! It looks like Jace just smiles all the time now! What a happy boy. And, it also looked like there was a Spiderman game or show sitting right where he crawled….so, he is a boy after his father’s heart! You guys are going to be such great buddies. Thanks again! Hope the move goes smoothly this week!!!! Love you all.

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