Nine Months (Adjusted) – and a Trip to Ohio!

Now that Jace can crawl, it’s tough to get him to hold still for a picture!  Adam had to pin him down so we could get this one….  Jace thought it was hilarious and laughed until Adam let go – and then he flipped over, crawled across the room, and pulled himself up to a stand.  He’s so mobile now.  It’s tons of fun!
104_5320 104_4742 104_5331 104_5326

We spent the weekend in Fairborn, Ohio.  Adam lived in Fairborn for 8 years when he was little (ages 2-10).  There was a comic book convention this weekend at the Nutter Center.

Kevin Eastman, one of the co-creators of the Ninja Turtles, was the guest of honor.  Adam went through the line to meet Kevin/get signatures four times.  Kevin did a sketch in Jace’s sketchbook.  We got a picture, but then we had to get another picture the next day when Jace was wearing the appropriate attire!
104_5310 104_5315

We went out to dinner at Bob Evans for an early birthday dinner – the same Bob Evans where Adam used to go for dinner when he was little!104_5314

Boxes of Tic Tacs make the best rattles.  The picture was taken about 5 seconds before the lid flew open and Tic Tacs sailed across the restaurant.  Awesome.  Otherwise, Jace was on his best behavior, so he got to pay for dinner.
104_5312 104_5313

We had a great weekend.  We weren’t sure how Jace would do in the car (5 hour drive), but it went really well.  Jace is SUCH a good traveler!  And he loved having a new hotel room to explore!


3 thoughts on “Nine Months (Adjusted) – and a Trip to Ohio!

  1. Watch out! He is about two seconds from walking, and once he’s walking, you’re done for. NOTHING will be safe. NOTHING. But he looks amazing, and so HAPPY! He looks like he thinks the whole world is funny and interesting and put there for him to play with. It would be so fun to be a baby! Right up to the point of the wet diaper, that is… gross. Sorry.

  2. So, is Jace treating next time?! Or is he learning how to count change? Or, is he just flirting? Fine, he doesn’t have to do anything to flirt! Everyone is in love at first sight!

  3. Oh so adorable! He is so handsome! I love that face. He is looking different every time you post! Growing, growing, growing. Yay for crawling!!!!! Boo for hotel room floors! Eeewwwiiee.l Good thing he is strong and healthy. Totally cool that you got such a cool sketch in his book for him. He is going to love that stuff!

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