Feels Like Summer

It was 79F today.  It feels like SUMMER so we spent some time outside!104_5279

There was a nice breeze.  Made me realize how long Jace’s hair is getting!104_5288

We picked up the sticks in the yard so we can mow before we move.  Cuervo helped.104_5300

The trees in our front yard are beautiful!  We had a lot of rain yesterday so a bunch of the pink petals fell – it made the ground look pink.  And with the breeze today the pink and white petals were blowing everywhere and it looked like snow!104_5290 104_5294 104_5297 104_5299

Now that Jace is crawling, he’s been exploring the areas outside of the nursery.  The cat food is still the favorite destination.  I’m happy the litter box is on the far side of the house!104_5303

Jace has been really happy lately!  Still not sleeping, but happy!104_5309


3 thoughts on “Feels Like Summer

  1. Wow! The Spring color is beautiful. But, I’m afraid Jace is still #1 in beauty and attraction! I’m not partial. No way! And Jace seems so happy!

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