A Crawling Omnivore!

The title pretty much says it all….  It’s been a big day for Jace.  Look how grown up he is!104_5270 104_5271

Tonight Jace gave up his vegetarian lifestyle in favor of chicken and apple puree.  He seemed to like it.  He followed it up with some sweet potatoes and an arrowroot cookie.

When we go out of town, Cuervo stays at Pets R People 2.  It’s a great facility and he loooooves spending time there.  The owner emailed a few pictures from last week. Mar2114 096 - Copy Mar2114 131

And now, the big news of the day….  JACE STARTED CRAWLING!  Previously he’d been doing a scooting movement where he’d use his left knee and his right foot to kind of hop along the ground.  Today he traded that pattern in for traditional crawling.  It’s awesome!  He’s as excited about it as we are – every time he reaches his destination, he sits down and cheers for himself.  So cute!

Crawling! – video


4 thoughts on “A Crawling Omnivore!

  1. Yay! Hooray! That IS s big step, and he’s already putting a foot down to stand up, almost. So many changes, in such a short time! xo WAL

  2. Love it! That is so exciting! And, I love how he cheered for himself! 🙂 I love your videos and posts! Please keep them up until he gets to be 75!

  3. What a crawl! How adorable was that? Who was he crawling to???? It sounded like a grandma. He looked totally proud of himself when he got there! Yay for Jacen!

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