Back in Knoxville!

We made it back from Arizona really late Thursday night.  While we all had to adjust to the three hour time change, Jace took it the hardest.  He did not want to wake up Friday morning and then refused to go to bed at a decent time on Friday night!104_5210

The trees are flowering – I love it!  I’m really happy we get to see it again before we move.104_5231 104_5233 104_5234 104_5236

Jace ventured out of the nursery – and discovered the cat food.  Baby-proofing is hard!104_5213

The mirror is still a favorite toy.
104_5219 104_5220

Things got messy today when we played with the mirror immediately after eating a cookie!
104_5243 104_5248

So now it’s bath time, then bedtime.  9:30pm.  Hmmm, well, it would be 6:30pm in Arizona.  We’re getting closer to a more reasonable bedtime!


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