Lots of Adventures in Arizona

We’re in Arizona!

As usual, Jace was AMAZING on the airplanes.  We arrived pretty late at night and Jace was very ready for bed.  The next morning he was much more excited about meeting his Uncle Casey, his Great Aunt Vivian, and his Great Uncle Jeffrey!
104_4914 104_4920

We headed out to Jacen’s first baseball game that afternoon.  He made it 8 innings before it was nap time.  I think he was still tired from traveling and the three hour time change.104_4929 104_4934

That night lots of family came over for dinner – and to meet Jace!
Jace was tired so he went to bed before the group picture….
P1060925 - Copy

The next morning Jace played with blocks with Aunt Vivian, kicked and splashed in the sink with Grandma, and was all smiles for his daddy.
  104_4949 104_4951 104_4956 104_4960

Jace met Chloe.  They shared an apple and now they’re best friends!
104_4968 104_4962

That afternoon we headed to another baseball game.104_4981

Jace was well rested, so he made it all the way through the ninth inning!  We watched the players walk off the field at the end of the game.  The home plate umpire saw Jace and tossed him an official game ball!  Everyone thought it was pretty cool.  Jace thought it was a teether.  Everything goes straight to his mouth….
104_4985 104_4987 104_4992 104_4996 104_4997 104_4998

That night, Jace went SWIMMING for his first time!  He loved it.  I think it helped that the water temperature was cranked way up – it was like a gigantic bath tub for him!104_5015 104_5020

After Jace headed to bed, we made really fancy (and delicious) chocolate bowls.  We used them as bowls for ice cream sundaes.  So yummy!  Vivian’s turned out the prettiest.
104_5032 104_5045 104_5048

This morning Jace hung out with Aunt Vivian and Grandma while the rest of us went to watch the Colorado Rockies.  When we came home, Jace played with his Uncle Casey. 104_5050 104_5053

And now we’re off to the Botanical Gardens to see the Chihuly glass exhibit!


2 thoughts on “Lots of Adventures in Arizona

  1. This is like a SUPER post Or a blog post on steroids… LOTS of events, LOTS of family, LOTS of pictures. So if you will- a SUPER post! Even the ice cream looks like baseballs! It’s all just too cute! And jace’s expression in the pool- he’s got an eye brow raised!! I love it! Glad he got to make it through all the innings and meet all the fam!!!

  2. yes I see you where here in Phoenix, no problem, Just wanted an update on one of the cutest Estrella boys and want to wish his Daddy Adam a happy birfday.

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