Jace Might Be a Magician….

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  Jace definitely wore his green all day today.  Didn’t want to give anyone a chance to pinch his cheeks like they’re always threatening to do….!

So – Jace might be a magician.  He resists crawling, but somehow he still moves from place to place without any problem.  Today I set him down near the crib and walked out of the room to get something to eat.  I heard the clicking of the humidifier a minute or two later and walked back into the room to see Jace standing by the window playing with the humidifier.  He’d moved 4+ feet across the floor, pulled himself to a stand, and was happy as could be.  I watched him for a bit, then put him on the floor by the crib again and went to grab my snack from the kitchen.  I came right back to the room – 30 seconds, really – and he was standing up by the humidifier again!  I put my snack down, found my camera, and moved Jace back to the starting spot near the crib.  I walked out of the room and peeked back in, camera ready, but Jace was much too clever for that.  He peered out at me from around the other side of the crib and refused to move!  I’m not quite sure how he managed to move across the room and pull himself to a stand in record time, but he did it.  Twice.  I’m impressed!

Jace was really active all day.  He cruised around using the furniture for support, he opened and shut the drawers a million times, I built block towers and he toppled them, we played with the mirror (always a favorite – this time he got into a staring competition with Cuervo via the mirror), we played with the animals, he and Adam played with the toys on the booster seat, and Jace cleared the books off the shelves.  He was also very vocal.  He would grab a book, set it in his lap, and just talk and talk and talk.  I have a short video of it, but he’d been at it for a solid 3 minutes before I started recording and he kept going a few more minutes after I stopped recording.  It was so cute!
104_4895 104_4899 104_4900

Reading?  Or Talking to a Book…. – video

Lastly, I did some laundry.  Sigh.  Jace likes to knock the twilight turtle off of the stand near the crib and into the hamper.  It’s fine.  Doesn’t bother me.  Keeps him entertained.  No big deal.  Jace is part of a club that gets a new book in the mail once a month.  It’s a great program and we’ve really liked some of the books we’ve gotten.  Well, his monthly book arrived the other day and apparently I set it down on the stand near the crib.  Jace took the opportunity to knock it into the hamper.  And I didn’t notice.  I dumped the contents of the hamper straight into the washing machine, twisted the dial, and left.  When I started moving clothes to the dryer, I found the book.  Oops!  Adam and I took Jace to the store and bought him a different book to serve as a replacement (Dr. Seuss’s ABCs).  And I learned to be more careful with where I leave things in the nursery!  Baby-proofing is HARD.  Every time I think the room is “safe”, I discover more things that need attention.  Drawers are a dangerous place for tiny fingers.  Electrical cords apparently look like handles on the wall that should be used to pull oneself to a stand.  Furniture that moves (glider, ottoman, desk chair) gives a false sense of stability.  Toys placed on a shelf can be pulled down onto little feet.  And the list goes on and on.  Good thing we’re moving soon.  I’ll be better at all this at our new house, I’m sure!


2 thoughts on “Jace Might Be a Magician….

  1. i like the idea that Jace is a magician! Maybe he can transport himself to my arms! I would like to hold him and play with him. He is looking so great. I loved the reading to himself video! He loves books! I think he is going to skip crawling all together and go right for walking! He is such a big, smart, strong boy!!!! I love him.

  2. What a busy boy! This is the fun part! Watching him grow and learn something new every day is incredible! That must be why MOST babies nap so much. Ole Jace, he seems to have it all covered and can sleep little and learn and play hard! Can’t wait!!!! xoxo

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