Jace and Cuervo are becoming friends!  This morning I poured out a few pieces of cereal for Jace to eat while I made my own breakfast in the other room.  I peeked in the nursery to see how he was doing and Cuervo was laying on the ground next to him, looking at him expectantly.  As I watched, Jace would pick up a piece of cereal and eat it, then pick up the next piece and hold out his hand to Cuervo.  He repeated this pattern three times while I watched from the doorway.  It was so cute!  I grabbed the camera and tried to get a video, but it didn’t really capture the complete cuteness.  In the video Jace doesn’t really offer the cereal to Cuervo so much as Cuervo decides it is his turn for a piece and goes for it, but you get the idea.

Sharing – video

It’s been nice weather here lately (yay!), so we’ve been going for walks pretty often.  The duck tub, while still awesome, can no longer contain Jace!  Now that he’s becoming more mobile, he spends a lot of his bath time working to crawl out of the duck tub.  In other bath news, Jace is super adorable in hooded towels.  Lastly, we got Jace a walker – he hasn’t quite figured it out yet, but he does like chewing on the giraffes on the toy bar!
104_4821 104_4887 104_4891 104_4873


4 thoughts on “Sharing!

  1. I love your narrating of the video! It sounds like you’re giving a play by play on a news show or espn! I love it!!
    He’s eating a new flavor… Then in bath news… And viewers beware because in Jace news he keeps getting cuter and cuter!!!!! 🙂

  2. He is going to LOVE the walker, and it’s super good exercise for those little legs! Sarah didn’t use hers much but Dave thought it was way cool. So cool that I even took it outside so he could motor around on smooth surfaces. I even took it to our local pool and set it in the wading area, so he could get his feet wet. My only words of warning are pretty obvious and I’m sure you’ve already thought of this: STAIRS. When he’s in the walker, keep him away from stairs. xoxoxoxo WAL.

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