Everything Knoxville

Today we went to the Sunsphere.  It’s the most iconic part of the Knoxville skyline – a remnant from the 1982 World’s Fair.  In our 4.5 years here, we’d never been.  We drove downtown, parked, hiked over to the base of the Sunsphere, and read the sign explaining that the observation deck of the Sunsphere is currently closed due to construction.  Sigh!  Hopefully they’ll finish construction in the next month, because one month from today we are loading up our car and MOVING TO PENNSYLVANIA!  Adam accepted a GREAT job in the Allentown area and they want him to start right away.  We’re excited!

In other news, Jace has been extra cute lately.  Here are some pictures from our week.
104_4825 104_4826 104_4840 104_4844104_4829 104_4830104_4832

Jace is so mobile now that it’s too dangerous for him to sleep alone on a bed without rails.  That means when we travel he’ll be sleeping in a pack’n’play.  We figured we’d start getting him used to the area.  He can’t quite reach the top of the pack’n’play from the mattress, so he can’t pull himself to a stand.  It frustrates him and he spends most of his time clawing at the netting, trying to stand.  It makes for some pointy, broken fingernails.  Once we help him stand, he loves the pack’n’play.  The top edge is the perfect height for chewing!
104_4853 104_4852 104_4849 104_4856

And that’s the update for us!


3 thoughts on “Everything Knoxville

  1. What? That’s too short an update! 🙂 I read and re-read, and view, and re-view all day long! He is adorable! xoxo Ya know, you were once my little girl…. Wow! Now you are my amazing grown up girl! Crazy! Looking forward to our time together!

  2. I love how the animals are playing right next to him- protecting him? From… The carpet- oh no! Watch out! Or better yet- beware- he might just eat his foot! Or hands or net or dinosaur toy or find his reflection in the mirror!! Or maybe they’re just ready to help in case he takes his first step!!
    I’m excited for your family on your next adventure! Although I think everyday is an adventure 😉
    Miss you !!

  3. I know I’m really slow to pick up on this news but… ADAM GOT THE JOB AND YOU’RE MOVING TO PENNSYLVANIA!!! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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