Eight Months Old – Adjusted

Jacen is growing up!  He’s getting so big!

It’s been a fun past week.  We’re trying to get Jace used to wearing sandals.  Usually he doesn’t need shoes, but we want him to be able to stand and walk around holding our hands when we’re in Arizona, so we figured we should get something to protect his feet from the hot pavement!  He’s not thrilled with them yet, but we’re practicing.
104_4765 104_4767

Jace has discovered that he can play with his food.  He doesn’t like playing with any food that doesn’t stain the high chair.  Nope, he only finger paints with carrots for now!
104_4770 104_4769

The animals are starting to be more tolerant of Jace.  The cats are definitely less skittish around him now.  Cuervo loves hanging out by the high chair, but still runs away when Jace makes any attempt to “pet” him.
104_4794 104_4817

We got a booster seat, which Jace seems to like.  And the mirror continues to be a hit.
104_4815 104_4784

The Mirror Jace – video

Stretching to the Macarena – video
Apparently, Jace has tight shoulder muscles.  The therapist recommended stretches to help loosen up the tightness.  The only ways Jace likes stretching is when we “dance” to the Macarena or when Adam stretches his arms up, pins them, and tickles him!

So Close to Crawling – video
Jace wants to crawl.  He really does.  Cuervo is still the best motivator – he seems to be the only thing Jace will attempt crawling towards – but Cuervo has a tendency to move before Jace can really get started crawling.  Jace has gotten pretty good at getting up on his hands and knees, though.  And he can even get back into a sitting position afterwards, as opposed to just face-planting like before!

While he’s still working on the crawling, he’s become a master at standing.  He can pull himself up easily and walks along the edge of his crib pretty quickly.  Very cute!
104_4803 104_4809


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