Nine Months Old!

Jace is officially three quarters of a year old.  He’s so grown up!
We had his 9-month check up today.  Jace is 28″ tall and weighs 23.5 lbs.

9 months vs. 8 months
104_4742 104_4447
Sitting up!  9 months vs. 6 months
104_4752 g

Today we started puffed cereal.  How exciting!  We got sweet potato flavored rice puffs.  They’re pretty good, actually.  They are star shaped, but we broke them into smaller pieces for now.  Jace had no trouble picking the little pieces up, but he didn’t seem to know what to do with them once he had them in his hands.  He didn’t even try to bring them to his mouth (which is strange because everything else he can get his hands on heads directly to his mouth).  He let me feed him a few pieces.  He liked the first 4 or 5 pieces…. and then we got out the video camera.  I’m posting both videos because I think his expressions are great.  You can see the size/shape of a full sized piece of cereal in the last video too (he was playing with a few of them).

Food with Texture – Take One (video)

Food with Texture – Take Two (video)


2 thoughts on “Nine Months Old!

  1. So I could totally see you making a video montage… And having themes- one for eating, or one for noises, or one for expressions… And having it be to music?…. Its totally playing in my head! and then the video montage could play in the background at his birthday parties… or at his graduation someday… or give to him one randomly each every year as an adult- one labeled gurgle noises… One labeled expressions….
    And picture projects I can only imagine! And the fun things you can do!!!!
    I think you definitely have one photogenic baby!

  2. A new picture for our bulletin board! Thank you, guys! He sure is growing up fast! How’s sleeping coming along? Still stuck on 45-minute snoozes, or has he figured out what “a good night’s sleep” really means? 🙂

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