Peek-a-boo at Dinner Time

The weather has been nice, so we’ve been spending some time on a blanket in the backyard.  Jace likes being outside – and loves watching Cuervo run around!

Jace has been spending a LOT of time standing in his crib lately, so we got a kick-and-play mat and hung it on the wall for him to play with.  When you hit the animals, it plays various songs.  It’s pretty entertaining, though he does spend a lot of time trying to rip it off the wall.104_4718 104_4723

We got wooden blocks!  I had been looking for wooden toys and was having a very hard time finding anything that wasn’t plastic.  These are the blocks Adam played with when he was little.  And now Jace can play with them too!  These blocks are a perfect size/weight for Jace to hold.  He grabs two at once and smacks them together.  Plus, they make a fun sound when you build a tower with them and topple them on the hardwood.

Jace has learned how to turn pages in a book.  He helps us read stories to him now.  Sometimes he gets pretty excited about turning the pages and speeds through the book.  Luckily, we seem to have all the books memorized by now, so even when Jace speed reads we can still recite the books….
104_4728 104_4739

And now….  Peek-a-boo at Dinner Time! – video
Jace LOVES peek-a-boo.  Adam usually feeds Jace dinner.  When they’re done with dinner, we play peek-a-boo.  Adam sits on a chair in front of Jace and Jace sits in his high chair.  I stand directly behind Adam and hide my face behind his head.  I jump out either to the left, right, or above Adam’s head and Jace laughs and laughs and laughs.  Tonight Adam took a video.  A couple times Jace gets a little distracted by the camera, but you get the idea.  He’s so cute!  I love playing this game because Jace gets so happy and laughs so hard!  Alright, in the video it’s more squealing, but that works too!

Adam also took some pictures tonight.  I was going to make them smaller, or only post a few of them, but I love them all, so they’re all getting posted!104_4731 104_4736104_4734 104_4733104_4735



One thought on “Peek-a-boo at Dinner Time

  1. This makes me want to squeal! With joy and laughter and giggles and happiness! I want to stand on my bed and play music! And I want to play outside and watch a dog run! Or play with blocks or show off my smarts by turning the pages of a book! But wait…. Peek a boo!!!!! He is soooooo ridiculously happy!!!! You seriously captured it soooo well!
    Ok truth be told… I just want to be there with all of you and hang out!!!

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