Daily Dose of Jace!

Jace has been SO happy these past few days.  It’s been tons of fun.  The last few nights of sleep have gone pretty well, too.  We’ve had good sleep days occasionally in the past and then regressed back to the waking up every 45 minute pattern, but right now we’re in the best sleep nights we’ve ever had!  We’ve even gotten some stretches of sleep that lasted THREE HOURS!  It’s been awesome!  We don’t really know what’s causing it (new fleece jammies? herbal teething medicine? growing out of the 45 minute wake up phase?), but we’re not questioning it.  We’re just loving it!

Jace got his first haircut yesterday.  The hair right above his ears was getting pretty long.  He’s been pulling on his ears and cutting them with his nails.  He doesn’t have an ear infection, so it’s likely due to teething pain, but we thought maybe the long hair was adding to it.  So, we trimmed his hair a tiny bit.  He didn’t seem to mind – just kept chewing on his cold washcloth the whole time.

We’ve introduced some new foods lately.  It’s nice having options.  His favorites so far are sweet potatoes and peaches.  Yummy!

Adam discovered that Cody and Jace both like to have their tummies rubbed….104_4709

Standing and Playing – video
Jace has been LOVING standing in his crib.  He can pull himself up to a stand easily and walks along the edge of the crib pretty well.  This video is a bit long (2 minutes, 48 seconds), but I liked it.  I don’t think he walks much during the video, but he spends a lot of time throwing his twilight turtle into the hamper.  He’s making the “wet razzing sound” during part of it.  He’s been doing that pretty much constantly for the last three days.  It’s cute, but a bit slobbery.  I like the video because it shows how happy and cheerful he’s been lately – especially at the end!

And now it’s bath time!


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