Playing in the Snow!

I finally charged my camera, so now I have pictures and videos to post!

104_4641 104_4642 104_4643 104_4647

Jace’s new favorite toy is…. whatever you have in your hand!  I’ll set him down in the middle of a bunch of toys, but the cell phone in my hand is all he wants to play with.  Makes sense, I know kids like phones.  Fine.  But then I’ll be holding a pen.  Or a spoon.  Or folding socks.  And whatever I’m touching is the item Jace most wants to play with.  My new trick is that I just pick up one of his toys – entices him instantly!

Bath Time – video
Jace is pretty adorable in the duck tub.  His favorite bath toy is the lamb, though he had a tough time grabbing it in this video!

Talking – video
It’s tricky getting good videos of Jace.  He’s super talkative sometimes, and clearly says MaMa pretty often (though completely randomly), but it’s hard to capture any of it on video.  As soon as Jace sees the camera, he gets super distracted – hence the reason this video is taken sideways through the slats in the crib!

The cats LOVE the nursery.  Before bed each night I have to check the nursery for cats!  Two nights ago I found Cody hiding out inside the hamper.  Silly cat!104_4630 104_4679

Teething seems like a horrible process.  At first, Jace seemed like his gums hurt.  That made sense.  Then he started pulling on his ears so much that he was cutting the insides of his ears.  Apparently that is a common response to teething pain.  Then Jace started hitting his face.  Also apparently a common response to teething pain.  Then he got a cough.  I figured he had a cold.  Nope, it’s supposedly a “teething cough”.  I didn’t even know that was a thing.  Then he got all congested.  Yup, that is also a symptom of teething.  Finally, on Sunday night, he started throwing up.  It was horrible.  But, everything says it’s all related to teething.  So yes, teething just seems horrible.  His cough is mostly gone now, and he seems to have moved on from pulling on his ears and hitting his face.  And he only threw up that one night.  But the congestion is still there (though it comes and goes in waves).  And still, no sign of teeth!  Luckily, the whole process doesn’t seem to bother Jace much.  In fact, today was one of the happiest Jace days ever!  We played inside, we played outside, we did a bunch of standing, and Jace was super smiley all day!

It SNOWED!  I’m calling this Jace’s first snow.  I know it’s snowed a few other times this winter, but unless you get a few inches of accumulation, Adam and I have decided it doesn’t count.  Last night we ended up with a little over 7″ of snow!104_4654104_4666 104_4662
Cuervo was SO excited.  Apparently he really wanted to be in the picture.  And this wasn’t even the punkiest thing he did while we were playing in the snow.  Just watch the Snowman video below!  We did have fun playing outside though!

Snowman – video

Payback – video

Lastly, we got this cool measuring chart.  Jace is 27″ tall!  When he was born he was 18″ tall.  He’s grown so much!  And look how cute he is standing there.  He’s getting pretty steady on his legs.  He’s great at pulling himself from a sitting position up onto his knees.  And today, while we were playing in the crib, Jace pulled himself from a sitting position all the way to a standing position.  All on his own!  YAY JACE!


2 thoughts on “Playing in the Snow!

  1. Okay, I’ve probably said this 100 times, but he is the cutest baby in the world! He looks so happy, and is meeting the milestones, and is so pretty…I mean handsome! Those eyes! OMG! Love it!

  2. Wow! Jacen is really taking off! I am so glad you charged up that camera! I missed these pictures! He is soooooo handsome, what a face. I love that he says Mama! I totally heard it. Don’t worry Adam, I’m sure Dada is next or soon. It sort of sounded like he said Lamb too! Did he touch the snow? I couldn’t tell if he had gloves on in the picture or not, but I wondered how he liked the cold feeling? He looks so grown up in that big chair in the nursery! He is sitting and playing all by himself. I can’t wait to see one of the videos where he pulls himself up to standing! He is so tall….Rod pointed out he is as tall as 8 rolls of toilet paper! They were sitting behind him! Ha, ha. So cute. Love these posts you guys. Thanks.

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