Teething and Laughing

I haven’t posted in a while, but things have been pretty low-key around here.  Plus, my camera was low-battery and rather than charge it, I pretty much stopped taking pictures….

Adam was out of town for a few days, so he facetimed Jace.  Adam played peek-a-boo by disappearing from the screen and reappearing, which Jace loved. 104_4596

Peek-a-boo is the new favorite game.  Jace has a blanket with a lion head on one side and monkey head on the other.  It’s perfect for peek-a-boo!  In other news, I think we’re finally starting to really teethe.  After chewing on everything for the past 6 months, this chewing seems a little more determined.  Plus, we were up all night Wednesday with a fever and whimpering.  Last night went more smoothly – still waking every 45 minutes (as usual), but no fever.  Yay!  We started carrots a few days ago, so now Jace chews on cold carrots.  Not like designated “teethers” really work – Jace turns EVERYTHING into a teether!
104_4607 104_4601

Despite being fussy because his teeth are hurting him, Jace has had some pretty happy days lately – as evidenced by these videos!

Squealing in the Crib – video

Laughing on the Changing Pad – video



3 thoughts on “Teething and Laughing

  1. Totally, utterly adorable. And that Mmmm sound he’s making is the first part of Mama! You’ll see!!! Pretty soon it’ll be “Can I borrow the car?”

  2. Adam is A GREAT DADDY!!!! I love watching that video over and over. Jace is so excited to play with his Daddy!!! Daddy seems pretty darn excited to make Jacen laugh! So adorable you guys! And Jace looks so happy and healthy! It must be so hard to have lots of pain in his mouth, but he looks like he is dealing with it! Yay for cold carrots! And, I think I remember that little peek-a-boo toy, didn’t we buy that together? I’m so glad he likes playing peek-a-boo now! The long distance peek-a-boo with Adam is sooooo cute. Love you guys so much!

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