Home Again, Home Again….

After 8 full days in Hawaii – and a full day of travel on either side – we’re finally back home.  It’s great to see the animals again, but it sure was hard leaving Hawaii.

Our last day in Hawaii was a fun one!  Jace had some play time on the lanai with his grandma.  They played together with toys, with the mirror, with spoons, on the balcony, on the beach, on the blanket – they’re great playmates!

Adam and I got our last shave ice of the trip.  Since it was our last one, we opted for the “jumbo” size.  That was a LOT of shave ice.  Good thing it’s delicious!104_4544

That afternoon, we went on a whale watching cruise.  Jace did great on the boat.  He didn’t have much interest in the whales, but he was happy and smiling the whole time we were out on the water.  I think he liked the breeze.  He did try to eat the boat though (picture 2).  In picture 5, Jace and Adam both have their eyes closed because there was a lot of splash/mist/rain coming in through the open window – you can see how wet the railing and their arms were getting….  But they both seemed to like the fresh air.
104_4550 104_4558 104_4560 104_4563 104_4581 104_4583 104_4573

After the boat ride, we got tacos for dinner (yummy!) and headed for the airport.  Our first flight (5 hours from Maui to Los Angeles) was great.  Jace slept almost the entire flight!  We had a fairly short layover, then got on the plane for our flight to Houston (3.5 hours).  This time Adam and I were in the same row (yay) and we had an empty seat between us.  It worked out great!  Jace napped for the first 90 minutes, then we played for the rest of the flight.  We had a longer layover in Houston (delays), but Jace did pretty well.  And then, he slept the entire flight to Knoxville (2 hours).  It was awesome.  He’s such a great traveler!

And now it’s almost midnight and he’s happily playing on the bed next to me.  He might still be on Hawaii time….  We tried for a 7pm bedtime, but it ended up being a 45 minute nap instead.  At least he’s happy!  He’s playing with the gel mouse pad and talking to Claire.  I think he was really happy to see the animals again!


2 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again….

  1. Jace is an AMAZING traveler! What a good boy! So great that he slept through most of it. You guys are lucky parents! Very happy the Hawaiian adventure was so much fun. You will remember it forever! It’s so cute how much Jace is looking more and more like Adam. The shapes of their heads/faces are almost exactly the same! Their eyes, too! Such handsome boys. You look so beautiful SallyRose! You guys are just glowing! I hope you won’t miss those shave ices too much, but I’m glad you are safe and sound at home with the pup and kitties. Love, love.

  2. Sounds like a great trip in Hawaii, ended with a great day! I loved all the pics!!! Your family picture (the last one) is cute cute cute!!! Your family will have had so many experiences by the time he’s 1! Imagine by the time he’s 2! Or 5 😉 and I love that we get a glimpse into it all, all the precious moments- thank you!

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