Loving Hawaii!

Jace loves being in his stroller.  Every time he starts to get bored with the beach/blanket, my dad offers to take Jace on a walk.  They have gone on at least one walk a day – usually more – every day we’ve been here.  Sometimes he spends the entire walk staring at his surroundings.  Other times he falls asleep pretty darn quick.  Either way, it’s been really fun for Adam and me because it gives us a chance to go swimming!
104_4519 104_4523

It was a bit windy, so we had another day on the grass instead of on the sand.  Jace liked watching the birds (it helped that my mom was throwing sunflower seeds everywhere!).  DSC01729

We went out to dinner again the other night and Jace was ALL SMILES.  This picture doesn’t really capture it, but Jace spent the majority of dinner just smiling at everyone and everything.  He was quite happy to chew on coasters, play with straws, and people-watch!

Jace has been eating two meals a day since we’ve been in Hawaii.  Pears and rice cereal for breakfast and sweet potatoes and green beans for dinner.  Sweet potatoes are – without question – his favorite.  He always grimaces at the first bite of anything that isn’t sweet potatoes!

We are going to have to get some of these flexible coasters….104_4537 DSC01741

The guys were all being extra photogenic.

Jace LOVES his grandpa!  This picture was taken while Adam and I were out on our date!  Jace hung out with his grandparents while Adam and I went to lunch, played in an arcade, got ice cream, and walked on the beach.  Adam and I had a great time out and Jace had a great time playing with his grandparents (no crying at all)!   DSC01767

It has been a wonderful vacation!DSC01752


2 thoughts on “Loving Hawaii!

  1. Oh, I am so jealous of you ALL for being in Hawaii and for being together, having such a great time, and I’m not there! Arghhh!! The nerve! But seriously, as always, the pictures of Jace are adorable. I think it’s amazing that he is well-behaved in restaurants! I don’t think that happened for us until our kids were at least 12 or 13. Years. I hope you guys aren’t going home to weather that is too snowy! The USA is having bizarre weather this winter. Out in New England, we seem to be in a permanent deep freeze. Hugs and kisses to everybody!

  2. What great pictures! I love the pictures of the “boys”!!!! They are all so photogenic! It looks like Jace really got to know Beryl and Tom this time! He seems quite taken by them both! You and Adam sure look like you are having fun, relaxing and getting some good sleep! Yay! I hope Jace is sleeping well. I know he will have a good time on the flights home. You guys are super! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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