A Duck at the Beach

The ocean is a little cold for Jace, so we thought he might like swimming in his duck.  We set the duck down while we got our blankets and towels set up and Jace loved it. 

Then we decided to fill it with water….  What a production!  Adam and my dad waded into the ocean.  They wanted to get out past the break so they could get water without too much sand.  The entire beach was watching these two grown men carry a duckie bath tub into the waves.  The ocean had been pretty flat, until it was time to fill the duck.  The biggest waves of the morning came crashing in right as my dad and Adam got to the break.  It was hilarious!  But, all three of them (my dad, Adam, and the duck) made it out of the ocean without major tumbling.  A few people on the beach actually clapped as they made it back to the beach.  We set the duck down in the sunshine and waited for the water to warm up.
DSC01693 DSC01695

Once the water was warm, Jace checked it out.  He wasn’t sure about it at first, but then he remembered how much he loves bath time.  And outdoor bath time – with sand – is even better!  He was pretty happy splashing around in there for quite a while!
DSC01703 DSC01707 104_4483

Adam and I went swimming.  Then Adam and my dad went swimming.  Jace changed out of his swim attire and played around on the blanket.  He sure likes the sand!
DSC01712 DSC01717  DSC01720

Jace was all smiles for Adam!
104_4491 104_4498104_4497 104_4501

We went for a walk yesterday.  Adam and my dad looked for (and found!) sea turtles while Jace and my mom watched the way grass and leaves move in the wind (fascinating!).
104_4509 104_4510

Of course we had some more shave ice (between Adam and me we’ve had 15 in 5 days)!104_4511

We’ve got two different baby seats here, so Jace has been having fun (and looking adorable) eating at the table with the rest of us.
104_4506 104_4517

And now it’s time to stop playing on the computer and get back to playing in Hawaii!  Editing videos is too time consuming here, but I think there are some fun Jace videos from the last few days that I’ll get around to posting sometime soon.  He’s just so cute!!!!


2 thoughts on “A Duck at the Beach

  1. Whoo Hooo! what a great post! So many pictures of so many activities! It looks like you guys are having such a great time! I am glad you took the duck! It serves two purposes! And, I bet little Jace LOVES to sit at the table with everyone else! What a big boy! He looks exceptionally happy and active and he is smiling in every picture! I guess all of you are smiling in every picture! Why not? You are all together in HAWAII! Oh, and by the way, I think Tom’s outfits are totally cool. I think Adam should get a hat and those cool shirts, too! Love you all, so much! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. Hawaii looks so beautiful! I miss it. The first time Dave was in Maui, he just turned 1 and still enjoyed eating vast quantities of sand. Makes for interesting diaper changes! It looks like you guys are having a wonderful, relaxing time. I hope so. Hugs to everybody!

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