Eight Months Old – and a Day at the Beach!

Jace is 8 months old today!

It’s been a busy few days, so this is mostly going to be a picture post.

Jace has been hanging out with his grandparents….104_4366  104_4387 104_4380

He’s been supervising the activities in the kitchen from various vantage points….  104_4388  104_4442

He got dressed for a day at the beach….
104_4381 DSC01628

He tried out the feel of grass on his feet – but wasn’t sure how he felt about it….104_4438 104_4441

He played around on the blanket on the grass.  Look at him up on his knees!104_4429 104_4420104_4414104_4433

Yesterday was a little windy so we stayed up on the grassy part by the beach.DSC01633

Today the weather was great so we ventured down to the sand.  Jace napped in his stroller for a while, then we watched the waves roll up the beach.  Jace liked watching the water, but wasn’t happy when it touched his feet.
104_4461 104_4457 104_4458 104_4459

He was much happier playing in the sand!
DSC01665 104_4471 104_4473

We had snowcones and headed to dinner.  Jace sat in a high chair, ate the menu, and was on his best behavior.  A little girl (about 3 years old?) even came over to flirt with him.  Adam says Jace has the Estrella Charm!
104_4395 photo

Tonight we had some ice cream, played some cards, and Jace is sleeping really well.  Must be all that ocean air.  It was a great day!

One thought on “Eight Months Old – and a Day at the Beach!

  1. What a GREAT vacation for all of you! And Jace looks like such a big boy. Obviously ready to start crawling any day now. Wow!!! xoxoxoxo

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