We Made It!

Tennessee is sooooo far away from Hawaii.  Wow.  But we made it!

Jace did an amazing job.  The first flight was easy – Jace slept the whole time in my arms (2 hours).  The layover was great.  Jace played happily the whole time (3 hours).  The next flight was long.  Jace was happy playing in the seat and looking out the window the first 4 hours, but then he got bored.  And we still had 5.5 hours to go!
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I spent the next 5 hours (yeah, 5 hours!) standing in the aisles.  As long as I was standing, walking, or bouncing, Jace was happy.  After 90 minutes my arms were tired, so I put Jace in the carrier which worked out incredibly well.  Everyone wanted to see Jace, say hi, and pinch his cheeks.  He was very popular!  We sat down for landing and Jace did great.  So many people complemented him on his excellent plane behavior when we were getting off the plane.  The next layover was pretty short, and Jace actually napped a little (FINALLY!).  The last flight was a bit rough.  It was only 45 minutes long, but Jace was tired of traveling.  He screamed for 15 minutes, then calmed down and was happy to play.  He did great in baggage claim and was all smiles on the drive to the condo.  Once we got unpacked, Jace was very happy to SLEEP!  He’d barely slept since we’d left our hotel at 4am that morning.  20+ hours of travel was enough to wear us all out.  ‘Course Jace was ready to play by 3am (5 hour time change, so I guess it felt like 8am to him….  definitely felt like 3am to me though).  Luckily, early mornings are made better by the fact that we’re in HAWAII!  Hurray!

Jace isn’t too sure about his new sunglasses.  Though he likes chewing on them!
104_4358 104_4359

We tried out the new stroller (mesh back for ventilation!) and Jace got his first view of the beach.  He was so excited to be in Hawaii that he hasn’t really been napping, but he did take a 20 minute cat nap in his stroller.

104_4370  104_4376

Lastly, we got shave ice!  SO DELICIOUS.  Possibly Adam’s favorite thing about Hawaii!

Now it is definitely time for bed.  Possible beach day tomorrow, depending on the weather.  It’s wonderful to be on vacation and to be in Hawaii and to see my parents!  PLUS, after not napping for 12+ hours yesterday and barely napping today, Jace is actually SLEEPING right now.  YAY!  Hopefully he’ll get a great night sleep, will sleep til morning (not 3am!), and will be all smiles tomorrow.  More pictures soon.  He looks adorable in his Hawaiian/summer clothes!


2 thoughts on “We Made It!

  1. Oh NO! Poor Adam has a blue tongue, surely a sign of not enough swimming in the ocean! Get in that ocean Adam!!!! Jace looks like he is having a great time! Is he getting more used to those swanky sunglasses? He totally looks like a movie star! And, OF COURSE the people on the plane had lots of compliments for his behavior! He is GOOD BOY! I’m so glad he wasn’t fussy on the plane. It sounds like he made you stand for too long, but at least he wasn’t screaming! I think that is considered a great trip. Have lots of fun in beautiful Maui! I’m thinking of you, always. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. The Spider-Man summery outfit- cuuuute! And the super close up picture- wait for it…. Cuuuuute! He’s getting soooo much hair! I think all the hair makes him look older than he is? Blue tongue?! Oh wha wha! Who’s got shaved ice!?!! And sallyrose- are you crafting? do i see post its, scissors, and cards? or did i guess-timate those items incorrectly? Looks like the fam is all happy in Hawaii! Can’t wait for beach pics! Hopefully he won’t chew the sand like the glasses… 😉

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