Off to the Islands!

We’re going to Hawaii!  My parents are in Maui right now and the condo they’re staying in has a loft.  Since Adam and I aren’t working right now, it seemed like the perfect time to go to Hawaii!  Plus, our plane tickets were only $10 a piece because we used our United miles.  The flights are actually pretty good – Hawaii is just REALLY far away from Tennessee.  We leave at 6:01am tomorrow morning.  We have a 2 hour flight, 3.5 hour layover, 9.5 hour flight, 2 hour layover, and a 45 minute flight.  Should be just over 20 hours, door to door.

But after we survive the travel, we get beach time!  We’re hoping Jace loves the ocean, loves the sand, and loves the sunshine.  I’m looking forward to laying on the beach and reading a book.  Adam’s looking forward to shave ice!  We’re all excited to see my parents and to play in Hawaii!

Check out Jacen’s new suit!


3 thoughts on “Off to the Islands!

  1. Love the new post and CAN’T WAIT TILL YOU GET HERE!!! I can wait to see Jace model his new suit! It’s adorable! The weather today was perfect, and I put in a special order with the Hawaiian Sun Gods to keep it that way! 20 hours for your flight? Yikes! Next time, we’ll have to fly to the Bahamas! Never been there, so it could be fun! Or California!?? xoxo Be

  2. Bugs, for Alaskans to fly to the Caribbean would be like it’s flying to Hawaii – brutal. And no offence, SR, but Knoxville is far away from everywhere, travelwise. Have a blast in Maui, and please give your mommy a hug from me. Tell her I’m very jealous that she’s in Hawaii with her grandson.

  3. I thought about you guys all day today on your marathon journey to Paradise! I hope Jace had a good time on the plane rides and maybe even SLEPT a little! His new suit looks great and he is going to LOVE playing in the sand and puddles along the shore. I figure you won’t be letting him jump the waves this trip, and maybe no boogie boarding for him this time. I hope you take him to a luau, he’d really like the POY! ha, ha, ha! Have a wonderful time you guys! Love you tons.

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