Reflection and Peek-a-boo

Jace has been extra cute these past few days!  He’s still not really sleeping, but he’s getting a lot more active and talkative during play time.  Last night he woke up at 1am and was AWAKE.  He spent a good 20 minutes just talking in his crib before he started calling for us to go in there.  While the middle of the night isn’t my favorite time for cute Jace moments, his little voice IS pretty darn adorable.  Anyways, here are two of my most recent favorite videos from during-the-day playtime.

Reflection – video
When we rearranged the nursery, I moved the mirror from the wall down to floor level.  It’s been fun – Jace really likes it when the animals walk by and he can see their reflections.

Peek-a-boo – video
Soooo, you can thank me for the super high quality video work here.  Cuervo walks right in front of the camera, my hand gets in the shot trying to restrain Cuervo, there is lots of bouncing of the camera, and the close of up Jace’s face ends up just being a shot of the back of Adam’s head….  Even with all that, this is still one of the cutest Jace videos ever!



3 thoughts on “Reflection and Peek-a-boo

  1. there is nothing better than a laughing baby! well, maybe a sleeping baby, if it is 3 am. but even after he starts sleeping past 3 am, you will have dogs and cats that wake you up, if you have my life! my kids used to just CRACK UP when you would put them on top of your head like this. makes me so happy to see you having the same sweet times. hang on, they go fast. but they are still good… xoxo lisa

  2. Seriously-who needs toys? Mirrors, peek a boo, now that’s the stuff that’s entertainment and memories are made of! Tooooooo cute! His laugh just makes me wants to laugh too!

  3. Both of these videos are on my top ten list now for sure! Love, love love them. I think it is super that you moved the mirror down to floor level! Yay! It’s so cute that he has learned to lean in to his reflection slowly so he doesn’t smack his little head. You can see him really controlling that! And, I love seeing him look from himself to you and then back to himself. Oh adorable. And the peek-a-boo with Daddy is so sweet. What belly laughs you are getting!!! So fun! I’m so glad he is so happy and you guys are having so much fun. Kiss kiss.

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