Sweet Potatoes and Sleeping in the Crib

Two big “firsts” today!

1.  We tried sweet potatoes!  Jace wasn’t really sure what he thought.  He definitely seemed to prefer the rice cereal – but maybe it’s just that sweet potatoes were new today.  His expressions were pretty cute!  We’ll try sweet potatoes again tomorrow.
104_4303 104_4304

2.  Jace is sleeping in the nursery!  He was incredibly distracted with the new room when we first started “bedtime” tonight.  The lights were super low (the only light came from the Twilight Turtle), but I guess Jace hadn’t checked out the nursery in the dark before.  Finally, I put him in his crib and left the room thinking (haha) that he might just fall asleep on his own.  He spent the next 20 minutes squealing in excitement, giggling, and talking in his crib.  I have no idea what was so exciting.  Finally, he started yelling (not crying, just yelling!), so I picked him up and moved him back to our bedroom, like usual.  Once he fell asleep, we moved him into the nursery.  It’s a big step – Jace’s first night in his crib!

In other news, it finally warmed up here.  Now instead of furry pants and a coat, it’s just hoodie weather.  Jace looks super cute in his Spidey hoodie.  Better pictures soon…. 104_4281 104_4285

Jace still seems to think books are designed solely as chew toys.  There is one book – Baby Faces – that captures his attention pretty well, especially if we lay down to read it.  My arms are longer and he can’t reach to take the book out of my hand!  He does love staring at those baby faces!

We rearranged the nursery!  I finally got my desk out of Jace’s room (and moved it into Adam’s room), so the nursery is now 100% Jace’s stuff.  I still want to rearrange the things on the walls, but I’m liking the new layout.
104_4306 104_4311 104_4308 104_4309

Look at all the floor space we have now (pictures from both directions)!  Yaaaaay!  I’m excited for playtime tomorrow to make use of all the new space!
104_4312 104_4315


4 thoughts on “Sweet Potatoes and Sleeping in the Crib

  1. Wow!! Lots of stuff happening in Jace’s life! I hope he likes the sweet potatoes even more tomorrow! And I LOVE what you did in the nursery! You have so much more play area!!! And, I am very happy to hear that he is beginning to sleep in his crib. Steph is right, he is growing up so fast! Super cute.

  2. The nursery looks great! The handprint art is waaaay cute that’s up on the wall! Yay for extra play space! That’ll be fun for everyone! I’m sure it’s good for extra toy storage too- when they’re little the toys are so large! I’d come and play and sleep there anytime- it looks so inviting! You did a great job- I can only imagine the hours it took to move everything and organize everything… Sweet potatoes are deeee-lish! Hopefully day 2 he likes them a little more! And sleeping gets a little better day by day… In the nursery. 😉 you made enough room to move your bed in there right? Problem solved! Just kidding of course!
    Glad it warmed up for you guys.

  3. Yea! Jace’s room looks great! What happened to your office desk? With Adam’s desk, and MY bed, how did you get it all in?! You’ll have to send pictures of the office now! Jace is getting to be a big kid already. I can’t believe how fast he learns new skills! Must be those jeans! (Get it genes? jeans?!) Ha ha! Be

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