Six Months Old (Adjusted)!

Six Months vs. Six Months – Adjusted

At six months, Jace was just learning to sit unsupported.  Now, at six months adjusted, he can sit up without support – and he doesn’t even need his arms to stay propped up.104_3542  104_4276

Plus, now he can use both hands to play with a toy without tipping over!104_4278 104_4279

We had an occupational therapy screening done last Thursday and a physical therapy screening done on Monday.  Jace is meeting all the milestones for a six month old.  HURRAY!  He was born 7 weeks early and is about 7 weeks delayed in development (less so with certain physical milestones – like standing).  Most organizations use an adjusted age for babies until they are 2 or 2.5 years old.  The goal is to close the developmental gap between the actual age and adjusted age at or before the child’s second birthday.

To help Jace close the gap, he has qualified for an hour a week of at-home therapy (a consultant comes to our house and shows us ways to play with Jace that are the most beneficial), an hour a week of occupational therapy (we’ll go to the therapy center and they will work with Jace and teach me “games” to play at home), and an hour every other week of physical therapy (again, we’ll go the the therapy center, same as with the occupational therapy).  We’ve had one session of the at-home therapy.  The occupational therapy will start sometime in February and is expected to last 3 months (12 sessions).  The physical therapy will start in mid-January and is expected to last 2 months (4 sessions).

All of the therapists seemed optimistic that Jace would be developmentally at his actual age sooner than the 2 year mark, which is good.  The therapists are all really nice and Jace doesn’t seem to mind meeting with them.  It’s great knowing that Jace is developmentally on track for his adjusted age.    Plus, it’s fun learning the new games!

A bunch of pictures from the past few days….
104_4242 104_4243   104_4233 104_4235  104_4226 104_4225

Talking! (video)
Jace is pretty talkative!  The video is kinda long, and yes, he tips over right at the end.

Lastly, the polar vortex has definitely impacted our weather!  Our house isn’t exactly weather-tight.  And our heater is not accustom to running 24 hours a day.  Jace kept waking up last night because he was too cold – we had him bundled up, but his hands and face were ice cold.  This morning, he and I sat down on the floor in the nursery to play and just about froze!  I took a picture of the thermometer.  1.8F outside.  65.3F inside.  We like to keep our house around 72F.  And the reading of 65.3F was 10 feet from the door, on an inside wall, 4 feet above the ground.  Sitting on the floor in the nursery about 2 feet from the window was COLD!  I wore two pairs of socks, two pairs of pajama pants, and a hoodie.  Jace wore footie pajamas, fleece footie pants, a hat, and his furry jacket (though he wore it like a cape because it was interfering with his ability to play when he was wearing it correctly and he was NOT happy about that).  Usually we play for a few hours.  After just one hour today we were both ready to bail on the nursery and go take a nap under a ton of covers.  Much warmer!
104_4255  104_4259104_4264  104_4267



3 thoughts on “Six Months Old (Adjusted)!

  1. Jace was so talkative and looks adorable! (Tom says, “right up to the point where he tipped backwards!) His balance looks great, and his dexterity is amazing! He’s come a long ways! We can’t wait to see you guys! Come sooner!!!! Stay longer!!! xoxo

  2. It is SO cold!!! I love that he is wearing his hat and his hoody! I hope it helped to keep him warm! He is really developing so well! There isn’t a huge difference between the 6 month and the 6 month adjusted picture, like there used to be, but there is still a difference! I love that he can sit up without needing his hands and play with both of them! Yay! I will be so interested to know about the PT and the OT and what games they have you play with him. And, I’m glad he will be meeting new people. Will there be other kids at any of these events? He is one happy, beautiful, smart baby! !!!!!!!

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