Our First Date

I was cleaning off my desk today trying to rid myself of some clutter.  I had a whole handful of flash drives that I hadn’t used in years, so I checked them before throwing them out to make sure there were no important files on them.  It was lucky to do that, because I found a picture that Sally and I thought was lost to the ages…a picture from our first date together!

I had an internship in Northeast Wyoming that summer (2006).  During the fourth of July holiday, I decided I was going to drive to see Mt. Rushmore since I’d never been there and I doubt I’d ever be closer.  I was about 2 hours from where I was staying that summer when my car broke down.  I needed to get it towed all the way back to Gillette, Wyoming during a holiday weekend.  I’ll bet that was cheap!  Anyway, while I waited for the tow truck to arrive, I tried texting people since I had nothing better to do.  I wasn’t getting any responses and I was quickly running out of contacts.  I then texted SallyRose, whom I don’t think I talked to in a month or two.  I told her I broke down on my way to Mt. Rushmore and was waiting for a tow truck.  She kept me busy with some texts and told me that she’d never been.  I had plans to try again later in the summer and invited her along not thinking she’d take me up on it.  Imagine my surprise when she did.

My internship was over but before heading back to Colorado, I decided to try Mt. Rushmore again.  I told Sally when I’d be there and she said she’d meet me…all the way from Colorado.  I don’t know where she got the energy.  She had just run her Iron Man about 2 days prior and then left VERY early in the morning to drive 6 hours to South Dakota.  She met me there and off we went.  If you’ve never been, the Black Hills of South Dakota are LOADED with touristy things to do.  After seeing the faces, we stopped at an underground waterfall and went to a “mystery area” before getting some Little Caesars pizza in town.  I think I knew deep down that I’d marry her someday when she suggested mushrooms as our single topping on the pizza.  ❤

So here it is, a picture of us on our first date.  We were both very excited about finding this as we thought it was lost forever.  A note about our hair: I worked outside with a hardhat a lot that summer and it was very hot.  I lived about 30 minutes outside of town, so getting a haircut was no short task.  Instead, I opted to just use clippers on my head all summer long to keep cool.  As for Sally, she had been driving all day and had been awake for probably 12 hours already by the time the picture was taken.  Her hair was very blonde back then.  I don’t know if anyone else cares to see this, but we sure got a kick out of finding it!


– A


4 thoughts on “Our First Date

  1. You guys were just babies! You both were so cute and still are! Isn’t is great being happily married now and a threesome? Yay! Loved the story.

  2. It is so cool to hear the story again! I had forgotten about the trip to Mt. Rushmore! What fun to be able to find that special picture! I expect to see it on your walls next time I’m there! 🙂

  3. You guys were adorable back then and you’re adorable now. Isn’t South Dakota great? Larry and I started our amazing relationship on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation — so we saw the four stoned guys behind you every time we went to the Black Hills for rock climbing. This picture is a treasure, and your story is too.

  4. That’s seriously the best story I’ve heard In quite a long time! And I get to hear stories about Jace! No, but really it has a romantic comedy movie feel to it with the whacked out hair ( im sooooo kidding- your hair looks fine- but a movie could play it up!) and driving a long time, and tow trucks,and iron man… And in the end it’s happily ever after!

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