Using the Spoon(s)

Rice cereal went much better tonight!  Granted, he did end up wearing most of it, but he was much more interested in the cereal – instead of just interested in the spoons!  Plus, he licked (the outside of) the bowl clean when we were done!104_4212 104_4217

Eating Rice Cereal – video

After rice cereal, it was bath time.  I was filling the duck and glanced into the nursery to see if Adam was getting Jace ready for his bath.  They were having a dance party!  The ipod was playing and they were dancing and singing.  Very cute!104_4220


2 thoughts on “Using the Spoon(s)

  1. I had to watch this video over and over and over. Jace is so totally adorable. I love this. He is so fun to watch and I love the expression on his little face at the end. So cute. I went back and watched Laughing in the Crib again, too. What an adorable voice he has. So sweet. Thanks for the videos! I love them so much.

  2. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again- cutest baby ever! And your family takes the smallest things and turns them into fun events! I mean singing and dancing to get ready for a bath?!?!! Spoons- “nailed it! Not soooo much…”
    Love it love it love it!!!!
    Can’t get much cuter, but you always prove me wrong!!!

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