Rice Cereal and a Duck!

It’s been a fun past few days!

Jacen has had a great time playing with some new toys.104_4171  104_4158

The animals like to hang out with us during morning awake time.
They’re pretty fascinated with the new toys too.
104_4179  104_4153

We started rice cereal!  Jace doesn’t love it yet – and not much actually ends up in his mouth – but he does like playing with the spoons!104_4187104_4197  104_4194 104_4189  104_4188

We got a duck!  The bather was wonderful, but Jace can sit up on his own now, so he didn’t like being forced to take his baths in a reclining position.  With the duck, he can sit up and we don’t have to worry so much about him tipping over.  It’s amazing how much less water it uses.  Filling the “tub” takes about 30 seconds now.  Plus, the duck keeps all of Jacen’s bath friends within easy reach.  Bath time is fun!104_4199104_4206  104_4208 104_4207  104_4211  104_4210


3 thoughts on “Rice Cereal and a Duck!

  1. Wow! That duck is amazing. It looks like a really safe and comfortable way for him to have a bath. The advances he’s made in the last 6 weeks are incredible. Exciting! Love you!

  2. Oh, that duck is really a good one! That is a super idea! It looks like a tiny little pool, made just for him! And, it is so cool that he is totally sitting up and looking around and playing. He looks like he is very confident. I liked that all the toys were lined up waiting, too! Very cute. And man, what are you giving that kid? Some kind of ADORABLE PILLS? His face is so adorable. He is more and more beau…I mean handsome. He is so handsome. What a face. Love him, love him, love him. Oh and you guys, too… Ha,ha.

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