Today was a GREAT day!

Today was such a great day!  I have no idea what forces aligned to cause this, but if I knew how to replicate it I would do this every day! Other than a tiny bit of frustration at the very end of his bath, today was a 100% tear-free, fuss-free, cry-free day!  IT WAS AWESOME!

Seriously, today was great.  Jace woke up super happy.  We played for 3 hours, then he napped really well (45 minutes + 45 minutes).  After his nap, he woke up happy and played for about 3.5 hours, then napped again (45 minutes + 30 minutes).  He woke up happy again and we played for another 3+ hours before starting bath time.  And now he’s asleep – and has been sleeping by himself for over 45 minutes.  YAY!  SUCH a good day!

Jace seems to be trying really hard to crawl.  He gets on to his tummy, pushes up, and then moves his legs like crazy trying to get them under his body.  I think he’s close.104_4089 104_4090

We played with lots of toys today.
104_4096 104_4104 104_4120

After playing on the floor for a while, we moved to the crib.  I was sitting calmly in the glider when all of a sudden my feet got attacked – scared me so much!  104_4147 104_4114

After attacking me, Cody decided to come play.  Jace likes kicking the sides of his crib, and Cody would bat at Jace’s feet every time they’d appear near him.  It was cute and kept all of us entertained.

Cuervo is still pretty jealous of Jace.  When I lay a blanket on the floor for Jace to play on, Cuervo doesn’t understand why I won’t let him sit on it.  Plus, Jace got some new toys that roll, bounce, light up, or squeak.  Cuervo definitely thinks those belong to him.  In any case, when I stood today to take a picture of Jace, Cuervo made sure to take the opportunity to position himself between me and Jace.  He sat down and his tail was right at grabbing/ chewing height for Jace.  Cuervo was less than thrilled with the results.  *Cuervo ran away before Jace could actually get the tail in his mouth – but Jace did have a pretty good grip on it for a while and Cuervo spent the rest of the morning on the bed with Adam….*

When Adam got up, he came to play in the nursery too.  Jace was so cheerful!

Laughing in the Crib

Lastly, because I love this type of picture, here’s a size comparison.  Jace was in the swing yesterday and I couldn’t believe how big he looked.

December 26th (7 months)  –  September 16th (3.75 months) – June 8th (2 weeks)
104_4079 IMG_1044 104_2028

And now I’ve finished the post and Jace is STILL sleeping!
Must be the great bedtime story his Daddy read him!104_4148


3 thoughts on “Today was a GREAT day!

  1. It’s so exciting to see all Jace’s progress! Eating Cuervo’s tail, playing with toys, lots of laughing, looking like he’ll crawl any day now, and being the most adorable baby on the planet! This was one of my favorite posts! Hurray for such a happy, delightful boy! 🙂

  2. Great Day!!!! 100% tear free???? I’ve never had one of those! Just kidding. I’m so glad he is having such a great babyhood. He DOES look like he is about to get that crawling thing going! It is just amazing to me that he just knows how to do it, but just needs practice! How does he know? I love the look on Adam’s face in the picture where he is reading the Spidey story to Jace. i think maybe Adam chose that book because it is his favorite! He was very interested in it! Great new toys, too! Yay Jace! Yay Sally and Adam! Love you all!

  3. He’s just sooooo cute!!! And adorable in all the things he does! I can’t believe how much he’s grown- from standing, sitting, the hair!!! Giggling!! What a happy growing boy!

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