Seven Months Old!

Jacen is SEVEN months old today!
104_3997 e

Check out how well he’s doing at sitting up!  At the six month mark, he could sit up, but needed both hands to keep himself from tipping over.  Now he can sit up without using his hands for support – and he’s getting really good at playing with both hands while sitting!104_4004  g

He’s getting more and more smiley every day. 104_4000

And he LOVES standing up.  He only needs to hold our hands for stability.104_4003

We went grocery shopping the other day and Jace sat in the the shopping cart for a while.  He liked looking around at all the people and all the colorful boxes on the shelves.  Plus, he got lots of attention from the other shoppers.
Cart2 Cart1

Yesterday Jace and Adam spent a lot of time playing with an early Christmas present (we had permission to open it early, I promise!).104_3976

Later that night, we went back to the park where they had the tree lighting to walk around.  Adam played Christmas music the whole time.  It was festive!
104_3983 104_3985

Jace was all smiles.  He liked looking at the lights.  And watching Cuervo run around.104_3987

Then it was home for bath time.  As I mentioned, Jace loves standing up.  He likes standing on the floor, standing on the tables, standing in his crib – even standing in the tub!


One thought on “Seven Months Old!

  1. Jacen is BEAUTIFUL and so SMILEY! He looks like such a happy baby! I think the Lion must be shrinking! Jace’s face is changing, too! He is so handsome! I love him and I love you guys too!

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