My Two Christmas Snoops!

I was straightening up around the house today and Adam was playing with Jace.  While I was cleaning, I would catch little bits of the “conversations” they were having.  They talked about superheros and Christmas stockings and TV shows and the dog and the cats.  One conversation, however, really caught my attention.

I walked around the corner to find Adam and Jace sitting on the floor by the Christmas tree and Adam was explaining the finer points of Christmas Snooping!  Pick a present, read the tag, check for any tears in the wrapping paper, shake the present, squeeze it, see if the tape is loose anywhere, etc.  Jace was more interested in chewing on the bows – but drool soaked wrapping paper does tear easier than dry paper.  Plus, Jace is getting pretty good at grabbing things now so Adam’s hopeful that Jace will “accidentally” tear some of the wrapping paper on a few of the presents….

They’re adorable.

In other news, Jace seems to be getting healthier!  He was really congested yesterday evening, so we kept up with the Tylenol and tried to get him lots of sleep.  He kept waking himself up when he was sleeping flat, so he spent parts of the night in the swing.  He took his naps today in the swing also.  All the sleep seems to have helped because, while he’s still pretty congested, it’s not as bad as last night.  Yay!


2 thoughts on “My Two Christmas Snoops!

  1. What an incredibly NAUGHTY DADDY! I saw a pair of baby blue jeans recently, size 12 months, and I wondered what kind of baby wore blue jeans? Well, no I know. I juvenile delinquent baby, taught to snoop at such an early age.

    But seriously? I almost got you these jeans but they had no snaps on the legs, no elastic waist. They were JEANS. They had a zipper fly! They were sort of faded, and looked like the baby had already been kickin’ around in alleyways or out riding the range or whatever. I am totally out of fashion for baby clothes. 😦

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