Jacen is Sick!

Friday night was our last night in San Francisco.  On Saturday morning, I woke up with a cold.  We traveled all day Saturday and after multiple delays and some lost luggage, we made it home exhausted.  Adam slept on the guest bed so he could get some decent sleep – which meant that Jace and I slept cuddled up on the big bed.  Since Jace spent the whole night about 6″ from my face, he woke up with my cold.

It wasn’t too bad until last night.  Last night he was so congested!  He would fall asleep and scare himself awake every 15 minutes because he was trying to breathe through his nose.  Very sad!  Adam slept on the guest bed again and Jace and I tried to get some sleep on the big bed.  Children’s Tylenol helped and keeping him propped on his side helped….  He was very cuddly!

Today he seems to be doing somewhat better, but of course, now Adam’s sick.  He doesn’t have the cold Jace and I had though – he’s got something where he’s dizzy.  Since he’s dizzy, he’s spent most of the day in bed – which means he’s been a great nap partner for Jace!

During some of Jace’s non-napping time, he and I played with some toys.  Playtime is really different now that he can sit up!  Jace reaches for toys he wants and can play with the bigger toys now!  We tried playing with bigger toys before, but it wasn’t fun for him – he had to hold them above his body while he laid on his back or he had to sit in my lap and didn’t like having his movements restricted.  But now?  Now he can sit up on his own and lean in whatever directions he wants.  It’s great!  I know the third picture is a little blurry, but it shows Jace playing with TWO HANDS.  Pretty impressive.  He only does that with toys he really likes because it’s a short lived experience that ends with him tipping over….  But we’re getting there.  He’s learning so much every day!
104_3919104_3918 104_3924 104_3922


2 thoughts on “Jacen is Sick!

  1. Oh no! That’s so sad! Although inevitable. Larry was worried that it was because of him, but I assured him he was no longer contagious. I know it’s gross, but do you have a nose suction thingy? It’s the only way a baby can blow his tiny nose. On the happy side, look at that kid sit up!!! And he’s so excited about the toy. Next thing you know, he’s going to see something he wants that’s out of reach and …..creep or crawl to it! And I know it will be very exciting but be forewarned: once he can move around, nothing two feet and below will be safe. Bwaahhaaa haaaa!!!

  2. I’m so sorry Jace has his first cold! But it’s just another first in a long line of first!!! You seem to know exactly what to do, too! He looks like he is happy and getting better. Sitting up to play with toys is so much more fun! And using both hands at the same time is amazing! I can’t wait to see more! Love him, love him, love him. I hope you and Adam get better really soon so it isn’t so hard. Love you!!!

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