The San Francisco Experience

The last few days have been action packed!

Jace met Santa
104_3863 104_3863b

We went to Ghirardelli (again), saw the Golden Gate Bridge, and played at the arcade104_3864 104_3884

We rode more cable cars and I went to my conference (the reason for the whole trip!)
104_3883 104_3891

We hung out on Fisherman’s Wharf, looked at the Macy’s window displays, and walked around Union Square in the daylight and at night
104_3897 104_3911

We went to lunch and Adam got more bread bowls of clam chowder
104_3893 104_3909

Jace played with his toes some more – and finally got them to his mouth!104_3870 104_3868

Adam and Jace were adorable in the hotel room 104_3871104_3872104_3875104_3876104_3878

Jace was completely mesmerized by the cardboard Christmas lights on the ceiling at 7-11.  Seriously, he was fascinated every time we stopped in there….

And tonight, Jace met his Great Uncle Larry!
104_3904 104_3905

It’s been a great trip.  Now Jace is sound (?) asleep.  We’re all packed up and leaving for the airport pretty early tomorrow morning.  We don’t want to leave, but it will be good to get home to Cody, Claire, and Cuervo!


3 thoughts on “The San Francisco Experience

  1. He was really checking out ol’ Santa, wasn’t he? And then he meets Great Uncle Larry… I wonder if he thinks that all the people in California have white beards.:-)

  2. Jace is such a trooper! You guys were so busy! I’m glad he met Santa, he looked very serious at that moment. I, too, really liked the pictures of Adam copying Jace’s poses. It is adorable to see that! Larry looked pretty happy holding Jace! In that last picture of Jace, sleeping in his grey and red stripes, you can see how long his hair is getting! He looks so grown up in that picture! Love him! Love you guys, love these pictures. Have a great trip home.

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