All Smiles in San Francisco!

Jace was so happy yesterday!  We went to Macy’s to check out Santaland.  They had a fancy desk where you could write your letters to Santa and they’d be sent directly to the North Pole.  We’re going back today to visit Santa, I think. 

Jacen’s New Trick
A movie of Jacen’s new “trick”.  As we mentioned, he recently discovered how to make this wet razzing sound.  And now he does it alllll the time.

Jace loves “flying”.  For some reason, it was extra funny photo-4\

Smiling and Laughing while Flying
Adam took a video of Jace flying because it was extra cute!

And now, my favorite picture of the day!104_3861


2 thoughts on “All Smiles in San Francisco!

  1. Oh the tricks!!! I like the sloppy buzzing sound one!!! He is really getting into it! And I love that you (Sally) don’t even realize you are doing sit ups because your baby is laughing every time you do it! If I could hold him like that maybe I would do sit ups, too!!!!! Yeah, I would!!!! What a great laugh he has. He is a happy guy. Can’t wait to see more.

  2. What a busy boy he’s been! He is cuter every day! Isn’t it great to see what new skills he has each day! He looks so happy! Must be that attentive parenting by such an awesome team! Love you guys soooo much! Come to Hawaii! xoxox Be!

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