San Francisco!

San Francisco is a LONG ways away from Knoxville.  Wow.  The first flight went pretty well – similar to all the flights to/from Idaho.  It was fun having Adam there.  The flight was about 2.5 hours.  We played in the Houston airport for our 2 hour layover and that went pretty well too.  And then we got on our next flight.  Sigh.

It was supposed to be a 4 hour, 21 minute flight.  Between waiting for fuel, waiting for paperwork, a 120 mph headwind, slowing down 200 miles outside of San Francisco, waiting on a gate, and then waiting on a jetway, it easily became a 5 hour, 15 minute flight.  And Jace was not happy about that.  In fact, he became unhappy at about the 2 hour mark.  As long as I was standing in the aisle with him, he was happy – and he loved his reflection in the bathroom mirror on the plane (super embarrassing – people knocked on the door ’cause we’d been in there so long) – but as soon as I sat down, he was unhappy.  Add that to the fact that Adam and I barely slept the night before, and it made for a loooooong trip.  Once we landed, Jace was all smiles.  He loved the taxi ride.  We were all happy when we finally made it to our hotel.  YAY!

We didn’t do much yesterday.  Adam got a Slurpee (no 7-11s in all of Tennessee, but there’s one less than a block from our hotel here!).  We did dinner and dessert at the concierge lounge and were all asleep by 8pm.  The night went pretty well!  We got a room with two beds so Adam could have one bed and Jace could have one bed.  Super nice!

Today, we made up for not doing much yesterday.  We were up early (5am), got breakfast, played in the hotel room, and Jace took a nap.  Then we headed out.  We saw a bunch of gingerbread houses, picked up my conference badge, saw a huge “sugar castle” (glorified gingerbread house, but it was 12′ tall), ate lunch at the food court, then rode a cable car for three stops.  Jace was NOT a fan.  We gave up and walked the rest of the way back to our hotel.  After an excessively long nap (oops, Adam and I didn’t mean to fall asleep), we headed out again.  Turns out Jace likes cable cars if he’s allowed to sit facing forward instead of riding in the carrier.  Good to know!  We wandered around Ghirardelli Square, walked down to the wharf, walked around the penny arcade, checked out the sea lions, got Adam some chowder in a bread bowl (he’s been looking forward to that for months!), then rode the cable car back to our hotel.  Now Jace is asleep and Adam and I are waiting for the concierge lounge to put out desserts.  Overall, it was a really fun – and really full – day!

Gingerbread houses, lunch in the food court (Jace is laughing in the second picture!)
104_3828b 104_3829

Cable car, napping
** You can’t tell, but Jace is sound asleep in the second picture.  It was great!  He fell asleep in the carrier (apparently he falls asleep there pretty easily, actually), but this time he fell asleep right before we got back to our hotel room.  I unsnapped everything quietly and laid him down on the bed, carrier and all, and he slept for another 30 minutes!104_3834 104_3835

Cold weather attire (a hat with strings to chew on (yay!) and furry footie pants), visiting the sea lions (Jace slept through the whole thing, so we’ll have to go back….)104_3836 104_3839

Adam and his chowder (!), Jace and his toes (as soon as he gets his socks/pants off, he goes straight for the toes!)
104_3843  104_3848

Playing in the hotel room, Jace’s new trick
**Seeing Jace hit milestones is really fun.  One milestone that he hadn’t hit – and that the book kept mentioning – was the ability to “make a wet razzing sound”.  Well, he’s got it now!  He really likes practicing….  Resulting in a very slobbery face most of the time.  He’s so happy when he does it, he smiles and plays with his tongue and slobbers all over!
104_3851 104_3854

Now, off to get dessert!


2 thoughts on “San Francisco!

  1. Sounds like Jace tried really hard to be a good traveler. It is so hard when there are unexpected delays. He looks like he popped right back into a great mood though. He is smiling and laughing in all the pictures! He is sooo sweet. I love that he plays with his toes. I liked playing with his toes, too. They are soft and fun to hold. It looks like S.F. is not as cold as I thought it was going to be. I am glad. I don’t want you guys to be uncomfortable. I like all his new cold weather gear, especially that cute hat. Ha, ha. Love you guys.

  2. Razzing? Toes? Rolling over? Get that baby Jace to college! hee hee! He is cuter every day, and I am missing you guys tons! Have fun in San Fran. What day is the conference?—a minor interruption to all the fun! 🙂 You are so close to AK, you should stop here before you head home!!!! Wouldn’t that be great!!! Think about it! xoxo

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