Pictures with the Grandparents

My parents were in town this week, so of course I took a ton of pictures. It was a great visit – and they were incredibly helpful.  Adam and my dad hung Christmas lights together, rearranged the garage, and moved furniture around.  My dad also fixed a zillion things in our house (and yard!) that needed attention and even polished the headlights on my car!  My mom helped me wrap presents, made us breakfast, made pillowcases for the angled pillow Jace sleeps on, and made me a diaper clutch for in the diaper bag.  As we learned when Cherie and Amelia came to visit, having extra sets of hands around is incredibly helpful.  So everyone should come visit!

One morning while my parents were here I was especially tired.  After Jace woke up from his first nap of the day, I realllllly wanted a nap.  And so my parents babysat!  I SLEPT while they played with Jace.  He loves being outside.  My mom got Jace into his stroller and walked up and down and up and down and up and down our street.  They did such a good job playing with him that after a few hours, he fell asleep in his stroller for his next nap.  No tears!104_3784

Adam, Jace, and I took my parents out to Abuelo’s.  It’s quite possibly the best Mexican restaurant ever.  Delicious!104_3788

Last night was a really fun night.  The five of us drove out to the east side of Knoxville.  We stopped by the Russell Stover Outlet (of course!), then headed to Shadrack’s for their “Christmas Wonderland”.  Shadrack’s is a boat and RV dealership, but they decorate like crazy for Christmas.  We explored Santa’s Workshop first – lots of activities for slightly older kids (bounce house, pony rides, train rides, etc.).  We took a picture next to a camel – the camel was apparently not very photogenic.  Yikes.  We waved to Santa, got drinks and cookies, and then went to see the lights.  Shadrack’s has “the world’s largest drive-through, fully synchronized, LED Christmas light and music show”.  It’s pretty awesome.  I recommend youtubing a video of it.  Jace looooved it!  He sat in my lap (no carseat required while driving the loop!) and was mesmerized for about 15 minutes.  When he got fussy, he moved to the front seat and sat with my dad – with his hands on the dash – and was mesmerized for another 15 minutes!
104_3790 104_3791

Even though Jace was exhausted from the busy night, he still stuck to his “wake up every 45 – 90 minutes” routine last night.  This morning he was pretty happy, but started to get fussy after a while.  My mom picked him up and walked him around and he fell asleep – in her arms!  Hurray!

As I mentioned in my last (?) post, my dad would take Jace’s hands and drag them across his whiskers and Jace loved it.  Well, Adam tried it and had Jace laughing and smiling like crazy.  So cute!
DSC01582 DSC01581  DSC01583104_3804 104_3805  

My dad tried Adam’s technique for getting Jace to smile by lifting him way up in the air.  Worked like a charm!  Also, it’s quite the workout given Jace has officially hit the big 2-0.  Yup, TWENTY POUNDS.  Four times his birth weight!
104_3811 104_3812 104_3809

Jace and Cody are becoming friends.  Jace can “grab” now, so the cats were a bit unhappy with him pulling their fur (ha, just wait until he can walk!).  But for now, they’ve called a truce and as long as Jace has a blanket or pillowcase to play with, he and Cody are happy sharing my lap.104_3821

Adam has become an expert at wrapping Jace in his towel!104_3783

And lastly, check out this video!  Jace isn’t a huge fan of tummy time, so I think that deters him from rolling over.  I know he can roll over – two months ago I set him on the playmat on his back while I grabbed a toy and when I turned back around he was on his tummy – but he doesn’t roll all the way over very often.  Today I needed to run a few errands, so Adam and Jace were hanging out together.  And Adam finally got to see Jace roll over – AND he caught it on video!

Rolling Over

Alright – time to get Christmas presents packaged up and start thinking about cleaning and packing for San Francisco!


6 thoughts on “Pictures with the Grandparents

  1. This was such an adorable series of pictures! it looks like the gparents’ trip was sooooo much fun! There were so many smiling faces!!!!! I love the roll over! I watched it over and over and it is soooo cute. He just all of a sudden makes it. Adam’s encouragement is adorable too. He is leaping and bounding. You are going to be chasing him soon!!!!!! Can’t wait to see pictures of San Francisco! keep them coming!!!!

  2. I’ve watched him roll over about 50 times now. I LOVE how he looks so proud of himself! And how he’s talking the whole time. I wonder what he’s saying? I’m really hoping his first word will be something like “Wassup?” … Just a thought…

  3. Oh my gosh! He’s grown so much in just the day it took us to fly home! Rolling over?! I love it! His little face looks so happy! He’ll be crawling before long! I miss him so much already! And of course, I miss Mommy and Daddy too! What a great visit! Thanks so much for a wonderful time! xoxo

  4. Do you remember in the movie despicable me when the little girl gets the unicorn- and squeezes it in excitement and says- “it’s so fluffy!
    I just want to say in the same level of excitement- “he’s sooo cute!”

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