Tree Lighting

Ahhhh, it’s the post of blurry pictures!  I think my camera might be breaking.  But the pictures are cute anyways, so I’m posting them!

Our house is officially decorated for Christmas.  We bought a new tree last year – on after-Christmas clearance – and just put it up.  It’s a bit tall.  Our tree topper pretty much scrapes the ceiling, but it’s pretty!

Adam and I have an ornament tradition.  He’s bought me an ornament every year we’ve lived together for Christmas.  I love them.104_3707

And now, since we have Jace, we get to have THREE names on the ornament.  YAY! 104_3776

My parents have been in town this week and it’s been really fun.  Having an extra set of hands – or two! – is sooo helpful.  My parents have done a zillion chores around the house, but most importantly, they’ve played with Jace!  In the second picture (below), my dad is flying Jace up in the air.  It’s hard to tell because he’s got his fingers in his mouth, but he was loving it.  Lots of smiling!
104_3729 104_3734

We went to the tree-lighting ceremony for the city of Farragut.  We got cookies and apple cider and walked around the park.

We bought more wipes at Costco.  The cats are always climbing all over Jace’s stuff, so when Jace saw an empty box – prime kitty territory – he and Adam capitalized before the cats could claim it.104_3762

We got out the Johnny Jump-Up today.  Right now it’s more like a Johnny Stand-Up, but Jace seemed to like it.  He spun around in a circle and took a few little steps.  And then decided that the best thing about the Johnny Jump-Up is that he can lick the straps.  He’s been chewing on everything lately!     104_3760

And lastly, here’s a picture of Jace and Adam right before bedtime.  Adam was getting Jace dressed for bed while I did some cleaning up around the house.  As I walked past the nursery I heard this:  “Okay little Ninja Turtle.  You’re all dressed for bed and ready to fight the Foot Clan in dreamland.”   They’re so cute!104_3775


One thought on “Tree Lighting

  1. I think I just want to move to Tennessee after seeing 1. All the Jace cuteness 2. Seeing the Estrella family cuteness and 3. The city does fun events!!!

    My goodness! Yep with your family is the place to be!

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