A Great Jace Day!

Today was a GREAT Jace day!  He was happy almost the whole day, he was awake about 3 hours between naps all three times, and he was extra smiley this afternoon!

Last night I was playing with pictures on my computer with Jace in my lap.  He was fascinated with the picture of his cousin Ryanya.  I guess babies really do like staring at other babies!

Jace loves “standing” when you hold his hands.  Yesterday I tried putting his hands on the foot stool instead of holding on to them and look!  He “stood”!  It didn’t last long, but the fact that the foot stool rocks/glides probably didn’t help.  Anyways, I was impressed!104_3688

Jace hung out with my parents today.  He was super into textures.  He loooooved my dad’s shirt and just kept trying to eat it.  He liked sitting on the rugs and feeling the shaggy texture.  104_3698 104_3701

One of the cutest moments of the day was early this morning when my dad came in to see Jace before he had shaved.  My dad said to me “when you and Casey were little, you really liked this” and then he put Jace’s hand on his whiskers.  The texture was a new one for Jace and he loved it!  He laughed each time my dad did it.  So cute!

The other cutest moment of the day is pictured below.  Jace was loving his reflection!104_3703

Such a great day!


5 thoughts on “A Great Jace Day!

  1. I, too, am completely unbiased and totally agree with the statement above, Jace is the cutest, sweetest and most wonderful baby in the world! (I don’t know how to make the happy face.) Those pictures were so great! He is interested in everything! He is smiling like crazy! I am so happy he is so happy! Tom and Beryl looked like they were enjoying it pretty much, too! Let’s see a feeling the whiskers picture!!!!

  2. Thank you for another WONDERFUL post! It is so magical that we can watch Jace grow up through pictures, videos, and written descriptions from both SR and Adam. It is also wonderful that you guys are all together right now. Please take a moment to give each other big hugs and say that it’s from ME. And please do “nosey nosey” to Jace and tell him it’s from great WAL. xoxoxoxoxo

  3. It’s all about the little things in life isn’t it?
    I mean who knew baby pictures could be so entrancing? Or that whiskers and shirts would be so interesting? Or that mirrors and rugs would be captivating?
    Who needs toys when you’re surrounded by loving family and life’s little treasures/pleasures/joys/features?

  4. I agree with your mom Jace is super cute lil guy, I enjoyed checking out JACEBOOK. cant wait to meet him maybe next year for turkey day in Phoenix AZ.

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