Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!104_3678

A few days ago, we bought this cute blue fuzzy outfit.  I liked it because I thought it looked warm.  Plus, I’m a big fan of footie pants because you don’t have to worry about cold ankles.  It was a good thing we had this outfit because our first activity of the day happened in 24F weather.  Brrrr!

We got up this morning and did the Turkey Trot!  I was excited because it was Jace’s first official race.  Apparently it was Adam’s first official race, too!  They were numbers 339 and 340.

It was a little cold at the starting line, but it wasn’t too bad once you got moving.  Adam let me wear one of his coats so I could zip it up around Jace and me at the same time.
104_3646  104_3649104_3650

By about the 0.25 mile mark, Jace was sound asleep.  He woke up a tiny bit at the turn around when the sun blasted him in the face, but he was back asleep again within seconds.  At the finish line, the volunteers tried to put his finisher’s medal around his neck, but he had no interest in waking up for that.  They ended up kind of balancing it on his head instead….
104_3652 104_3656104_3654

After the fun run, we came home and watched the parade on TV.  Jace was more interested in watching Adam.  They’re so cute together!104_3661 104_3665

Jace checked out some Black Friday sales flyers, worked on his Christmas list, and now he’s off to bed.  He pretty much didn’t nap today, so we’re hoping he sleeps well tonight!


3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!
    You are doing so many special events as a family! I love it!
    Your family is making memories for a lifetime!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Estrella Family! It is incredible fun to see pictures of your family doing all these wonderful firsts. You have to promise me a picture of Jacen seeing his first dandelion, or listening to you make a blade of grass whistle… but I guess we’ve got to get through this darn winter first. I’m guessing Tennessee has it a bit easier than New Hampshire… 🙂

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