Happy Hanukkah!

Jace has been doing a great job sitting up lately.  104_3554 104_3561

Sitting Up – and Staying Up!
Jace does pretty well sitting up on his own – no pillows necessary.  My new discovery is that putting the boppy pillow around him is still a good thing….  That way when he does tip over, he can get himself back into the sitting position!

Jace takes medicine for his reflux.  It tastes horrible, so twice a day we give him about 1/4 ounce of milk in a bottle while we sneak the syringe with the medicine into the side of his mouth.  Works like a charm.  Lately, Jace has been very interested in holding onto the bottle himself.  He’s getting pretty good at finding his mouth!

Jace and Adam have been enjoying bedtime stories (and sometimes Cuervo joins in too).  Plus, Jace has doggie pajamas on in the second picture because he and Cuervo are becoming friends….

See!  Becoming friends!  Jace is quite interested in Cuervo in the mornings.  Cuervo doesn’t feel the same way yet, but I’m sure the interest level will increase as soon as Jace starts on solid foods.104_3576

We did a Christmas craft for the grandparents (keep your expectations low – it’s the effort that counts, okay, and we tried really hard!).104_3572

And now, Hanukkah!  I tried to let Jace hold the candles before we put them in the menorah, but he just kept trying to eat them.  That’s the theme lately – everything goes straight to his mouth.  Jace was pretty interested in the candles even before we lit them (picture one), but he was mesmerized once the candles were lit (picture three)! 
104_3622 104_3625 104_3626

And lastly, look who found his feet!  This picture is from tonight, right before bath time.  He’d found his toes while sitting up pretty often, but this is the first time I’ve seen him grabbing his toes while he’s on his back!  104_3635


3 thoughts on “Happy Hanukkah!

  1. OMG!! He is just soaring in his development!!! He was on the edge of doing all these things when i was there, what a week and a half ago? And, now he is doing so many of these things! I love the look on his face when he is looking t the candles, both unlit and lit. He is totally fixated! it is soooo adorable. And, he really looks like he is getting the sitting thing down! I would love to see him trying to pull himself back up into the sitting position using the boppy pillow. Does he use his hands or what? I want a video! And Cuervo is so sweet to Jace!!! I’ve witnessed it. I am so glad Jace is finding out for himself how nice his doggy brother is!!! Pull those toes, baby! I love it. thanks for the pictures!

    Happy Hanukkah!!!!!!

  2. These pictures and videos are SO adorable! And funny! Laugh out loud funny. That is a brilliant move to put him inside the boppy pillow (looks like a giant neck pillow to me), and he has amazing tummy muscle strength to do those situps after he tips over. Great idea! Hey, does he have a “Busy Box” yet? Do they still make Busy Boxes? It’s a toy that he could mess around with while he’s sitting up. Buttons to push, a dial of some sort, noises, stuff… I don’t remember. I just remember that Sarah and Dave loved theirs and that back in the old days, they were made to go INSIDE THE CRIB! Yes, it’s true. My children were obviously abused. They also had bumper pads, blankets, and toys in the crib, and THEY SLEPT ON THEIR TUMMIES. Scary, huh? But back to Jace. Happy First Chanukah, you big boy! I love you!! xoxoxo

  3. I don’t know about the rest of you, but my computer doesn’t do a good job displaying the fact that the posts sometimes have videos, so I miss them sometimes. But these are NOT TO BE MISSED! He is so adorable in that boppy chair! He is really using his tummy muscles like crazy to sit back up and look how he holds his head up, too! That takes tons of head control too! And, I love Leslie’s idea about he Busy Box, I bet he is ready for it! Soooo cute. He sure was playing with those feet alot when he was in the boppy seat! I want to play with him so much!!!!!

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