We Made It Home!

So, today is Jacen’s half birthday.  And we need to take 6-month pictures and post them.  But I feel like he deserves a post telling everyone HOW AMAZING he was on the flights home.  HE WAS AMAZING!

For starters, I explained to him Thursday night that Friday was going to be a looooong day of travel.  I told him I would really appreciate it if I could get some sleep.  We recapped the conversation at 4am when he seemed to be ready to play – and he went back to sleep!  Hurray!  So, we both got up Friday morning feeling pretty rested.  During his first nap of the day, I did most of the packing.  When he woke up, he supervised from a pile of pillows while I packed the rest of the bedroom.  Then we moved to the living room and he sat in a chair while he continued his role as supervisor.104_3531 104_3532

Getting everything to the car – huge suitcase, carseat, diaper bag, carry on bag, and Jace – was tricky.  Being on the third floor with a broken elevator didn’t help, but we finally got all packed up and headed to the airport.  Getting everything from the rental car return place to the ticket counter was even trickier because now we also had the carseat base to contend with.  But finally, we made it, checked the carseat and suitcase, and headed for security.  We didn’t have long to wait before we got on the plane for our 3 hour and 40 minute flight.  It was looooong, but Jace did great!  He napped after take off for about 20 minutes, but other than that he was awake and playful.  And VOCAL.  My goodness, he was talkative!  Lots of people on the plane came to visit him.  They all complimented him on his cheeks and told him he was very well behaved.  He smiled at almost all of them and was fascinated watching people walk up and down the aisles.

We landed in Chicago 30 minutes early, turning our 90 minute layover into a 2 hour adventure.  Then our flight got delayed by an hour.  Then by another hour.  We walked around.  A LOT.  We did spend some time laying on the floor and watching people walk by, but for the most part, Jace was happiest while we were moving.  We walked and walked and walked and walked and when I thought my arms might fall off, Jace fell asleep.  He napped for 30 minutes, but you could tell he wanted to sleep longer.  104_3533 104_3534

When we FINALLY got on our next flight, Jace was pretty much exhausted.  He fell asleep during take off and slept the entire flight!  He woke up a tiny bit on the descent, but went right back to sleep.  When we stood up to get off the plane, several people were surprised to see him….  He’d been so quiet no one knew there was a baby on the plane!

Jace wasn’t thrilled about having to wake up once we landed, but he did pretty well.  And then we got to see Adam!  Yay!  We picked up our luggage, installed the carseat, and Jace was asleep before we left the parking garage.  Once we got home, we got him ready for bed and he was asleep in minutes – AND HE SLEPT FOR FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT!

In summary, Jace is wonderful.  He was a GREAT travel companion and did incredibly well on all four of our flights and during all four of our nights in the hotel.  Hurray!


4 thoughts on “We Made It Home!

  1. I have a HUGE SMILE ON MY FACE! I love that Jace was such a great SUPERVISOR in the room! I’m sure you would never have gotten it all done without his excellent assistance! It is so great he is a good traveler! I love that no one knew he was even on the second plane because he was so quiet! That is amazing! You have a special baby! It sounds like he really enjoyed all the input and the new faces and the activity around him! Yay!!!! I am very happy that Steph went with you and had such a great time and you all had fun! I am sure Adam was very happy to have you guys home, safe and sound! Yay for your first trip!

  2. Happy half birthday to all three of you. I’m predicting longer and longer sleeps and more and more activity during the day that will tire him out for better sleeping at night and life will get better and better and better. My favorite line was that people “complimented him on his cheeks.” Yeah, those are some pretty awesome cheeks ya got there, Jace! xoxoxoxoxoxo WAL

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