Idaho – Day 3

Here are some pictures from our 4:30am morning awake time.  Jace was ready for his first nap around 6:30am.  I laid down with him – and woke up at 8:30am!  HURRAY!  After a night of waking up almost continuously, a two hour nap was awesome!   104_3521104_3516 (2)104_3518

I had a meeting today, so Jace hung out with Stephanie (and chewed on her sweater).  In the evening, we went over to Joni Frey’s house for a delicious dinner. 104_3522 104_3528

Jace was pretty tired by the end of the evening – and had been awake for about 3.5 hours – so he fell asleep in the car when we drove Stephanie to the airport.  He looked really cute in his car seat, so I took a picture.  When we got back to our hotel he was very happy to change into pajamas and head straight to bed.

Today was a very happy Jace day! 104_3530


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