Idaho – Day 2

Jace has discovered that his favorite rattle has ears – and that those ears fit into his mouth!  There has been a lot of chewing on toys lately….104_3508 104_3509 104_3510

I had a 30 minute meeting today and planned to take Jace with me.  However, he decided it was nap time about 15 minutes before I had to leave.  He napped and played with Stephanie while I did my quick meeting.

The weather here has been a little rainy, but this afternoon it cleared up and was actually sunny!  Cold, but sunny!  We went for a walk.  Note to Adam: Can I borrow your coat for our trip to San Francisco?  No matter how hard I try, I can’t zip my coat around me and Jace at the same time!

104_3512 104_3514

I think Jace really enjoyed the walk.  He likes looking around while we’re outside.  We went out for gelato after the walk, played a little, had bathtime, and then Jace went to bed.  AND SLEPT FOR 2.5 HOURS STRAIGHT!  Soooo exciting!  Last night I think the longest stretch of sleep was about 45 minutes.  I’m hoping tonight we hit a lot of 90 minute marks!

So – the highlight of my day today?  Jace laughed!  He was sitting in my lap and I was talking to him and smiling at him and making faces.  And he laughed!  I think it’s the first time I’ve heard him laugh that wasn’t related to something physical – tickling him, playing with his feet, washing his neck during bath time, taking arms out of sleeves, etc.  It was so cute!  He was very happy and smiley this afternoon!!!!


2 thoughts on “Idaho – Day 2

  1. I wish there were a zillion versions of the Noggin Stick! And OMG, your kid is so cute! That bottom picture looks like he’s saying, “I didn’t realize air could be COLD!” 🙂

  2. Given your role model as a Mom, I knew you would be a good mother, but I didn’t imagine you would be this amazing of a mom….that Jace is a lucky (and very cute) guy! I am so impressed that you don’t whine even a LITTLE bit about sleep deprivation…and that you find all the joy in the experience. Good for you and good for him, love you…

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