We Made It to Idaho!

Jace did GREAT on the flights!  It was a looooong day of travel, but he really did do an amazing job.  We were lucky and had nice people near us on both flights.  Yay!  Once we got to Idaho, Jace realized he hadn’t really napped in 11 hours, so he wasn’t very happy….  But he fell asleep in our hotel room and slept for almost three hours straight!  He’s the best!  And now I’m exhausted and headed to bed.  More on our Idaho adventures tomorrow!

On board Jace’s first airplane and plane tickets for Jacen Estrella!104_3499 104_3503

Hanging out on the floor (on a blanket!) in Denver during our layover104_3501 104_3502


3 thoughts on “We Made It to Idaho!

  1. Looks like Jace is going to be a great little traveler! I’m so glad he didn’t have any trouble. It looks like you are in first class! Hope it all goes well.

  2. Hey, SallyRose, Larry wants to know if you’re going to the AGU meetings in San Francisco this year. I told him I didn’t think you were…

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