Jace’s first flight!

Today was a big day for Sally and Jace.  Jace went on his first plane today going from Tennessee to Idaho…something on the order of 11 hours of travel!  Aside from being in the NICU, Jace hasn’t spent a night away from home yet either.  I’m hoping everything’s going well, but just to be safe, I’m asking everyone to send positive vibes their way.  Good luck, you two!  The animals and I miss you!




One thought on “Jace’s first flight!

  1. OMG! Good luck! My first flight with MY little girl was a challenge! Poor litte dear had a terrible time with her ears! (and has for about forever, no?) So, good luck SallyGal! I’m so glad Steph will be there to help out! Let me now how the flight went! xoxo

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