Babies R Us

Today we went to the “Baby’s First Christmas” event sponsored by Babies R Us.  We met Geoffrey the Giraffe, got a goodie bag (complete with coloring book, stickers, rice cereal, baby yogurt, a placemat, a countdown calendar, and a $10 gift card), and made a paper handprint ornament.  It was an interesting event.  Parts were really fun, but parts were slow.  We left a little early because it was definitely nap time.  Today’s event was for babies born in April, May, or June of 2013.  I was a little worried that we’d be “behind” because Jace is kind of a July baby, but it turned out fine!  Jace was much more alert, active, vocal, and healthy looking than all the other babies.  Really!  No other babies were holding on to their goodie bags all by themselves….  And, this goes without saying, but Adam and I agree that Jace was the cutest baby there.     104_3482 104_3483

Jace spent most of the drive home telling his monkey friend, Zee, all about the Christmas event.  And then, just so Zee knows that he’s loved, Jace tried to eat his face.  We’ve had conversation with all of Jace’s animals and they understand that being chewed on is Jace’s way of showing love….
104_3485 104_3486

We played a little in the backyard because the weather was so nice.  It was rainy yesterday, so we just walked around instead of sitting on a blanket.  Jace still seemed to enjoy it.  I think he really likes being outside!
104_3487 104_3491 104_3492


4 thoughts on “Babies R Us

  1. Ok, you had me laughing out loud with this one. I loved it! He is sooo adorable! I love that you guys take advantage of events like this. I don’t know if they had things like this when you guys were little, or if we just didn’t pursue it. Beats me. It is definitely more of a commercial world now, and doggone it, they have such cute stuff! I’m also so happy Jace can be outside so much now; that is where it’s at! And, while this is Jace’s site, could Adam be any cuter? No way! Looking like one awesome lil’ family! xoxox

  2. Of course Jace was the cutest baby at the event! I think it’s great to get out and be with as many people as you can! You have to show off that baby! I love that he likes Zee. And, Zee loves to have his face chewed. He was hoping for it all the time he was coming to be Jace’s friend!

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