Jace met his new friend, Zee.

Jace and Zee hung out when we went out to lunch.
It’s getting cold here, so Jace wore his new fleece!
104_3437 104_3438

I think Jace might be teething.  Apparently you can teeth for 5 months before a tooth shows up, which seems like a long time.  He’s getting very chompy.  Seriously!  He loves to chew on knuckles.  Not fingers, not teethers, but knuckles.  And he doesn’t just gum them, he chomps down!

Cody has decided he likes the changing pad.  I tried kicking him off, but he wasn’t interested in moving.  So I just set Jace down on top of him.  I figured that would scare him off, but nope!  He just closed his eyes and kept sleeping!104_3449

Jace and I spent a long time playing in the crib today.  104_3454

We did some tummy time (what a cute face!).  104_3457 104_3460

Tummy Time with a Lion Friend

Tummy Time with a Sock Monkey

And Jace held council with his animal friends.104_3468

There are silly things that make Jace smile.  One of the best ways to guarantee a smile is to have him stand (or sit) on your tummy while you’re laying down, and then you lift him up into the air, over your face.  Works every time!  We took a movie, but it’s pretty dark.  I lightened it, but now it’s a little pixelated.  We’ll get a better video sometime soon, ’cause it’s really cute!!!!

Flying – with his tongue out!

And now it’s bath time!


3 thoughts on “Pictures!

  1. Jace is the cutest baby in the world. Look at him looking over his shoulder! I love that picture. It’s going to be my new desktop background. And look at him pushing up on his hands from his tummy to play with his lion friend! And standing straight on Daddy’s tummy! I love the flying with his tongue out video! I bet he was giggling pretty loudly! I think he likes when Cody doesn’t move off the changing board. Who wouldn’t like a foot warmer like that? He is so sweet. Can’t wait to play with him again.

  2. Whoa. He is getting cuter and cuter by the day. He looks so grown up! And it looks like he is inches away from “creeping.” Sarah never crawled. She went from creeping (sort of dragging with one arm and pushing with her legs, I think) to walking. (It took a long time to make that transition, of course. She would drag herself over to a piece of furniture, pull herself up to standing, and then travel that way, gripping furniture or a person for support. Finally at around 10 months, she took her first step. And now, at 36, she walks by herself!! We are so proud. Dave, on the other hand took forever to walk. In fact, he just learned a couple of months ago. Children develop at their own rate. Yes, you may quote me. xoxoxoxo WAL

  3. Could he be any cuter? Could he be Any happier? Could he be Any more well loved? (It shows!) could he smile any at the silliest of things? Could he have anymore stuffed animal friends! I think so!!
    Everyday he gets cuter, and appears happier than the day before, and is more loved than the day before, and more things make him smile and he acquires more friends (in the stuffed animal persuasion and family/people persuasion as well- jealous of you aunt Marian!!! )
    Eventually it’ll be my turn for a visit!!!!!!!
    Until then- keep making him fly and smile!

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